Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day, 2013

We had another one of those magical Christmas Days.  Everything about it was just perfect from start to finish!  I set my alarm for 7 a.m. so we could wake the kids.  Having good sleepers means we have never had a Christmas that found us up before Sunrise.  I flipped the various lights on around the room then turned the Christmas music on and we went to get the boys. 

I feel the need to forewarn you that Micah doesn't looked thrilled in most of these.  Sweet boy was still half asleep.  He would say things like "oh, I love this and I'm very tired" or "my eyes are trying to look at all the stuff I love!" 

Jonah was extraordinarily pleased with his Santa loot.  The microscope was a HUGE hit.  It is on his desk in the living room and has been used a lot the last few days.  I'm so glad we didn't send it back Santa decided to not keep it for himself!
Micah was "too sleepy" to look at the camera but LOVED his Imaginext toys.  He is a BIG fan of Monsters Inc. so the Imaginext toys were a guaranteed hit.  I thought the basketball goal would be his favorite but he has barely played with it.  The squirrel game has been played a few times already. 

Both boys loved looking at their stockings and seeing what the other had.  It was fun to watch.  I went into the kitchen to start breakfast and spotted a note from Santa left by the cookie plate.

Yep, here is another one of those looks from Micah as he enjoys his new toys.  I promise, he really did have a fun morning. 

As we were still playing with Santa gifts, the boys got to Facetime with Jimmy and Cathy and open their gifts from them.  Micah got a Lego Duplo Alphabet set and Jonah got a Mario Wii game. 

The boys posed with them on Facetime for a Christmas Morning picture.  It was almost like having people here to celebrate with us.  :-)

Dan's family has a tradition of breakfast casserole on Christmas morning.  We've done it most every year that we have been married.  But, our boys won't eat it.  So, this year, we went a little kid friendly.  I made a Christmas tree out of Cinnamon rolls.  That was quite a hit.  And, while we waited for breakfast, Dan read the Christmas story to all of us.  Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. 

A little later in the morning, the boys did Facetime with my mom and grandmother.  They had already gotten their big gifts from my mom but she had something for each of them to open on Christmas morning.  They opened their gifts and then we took a picture with her and then with my grandmother.  Those came out dark for some reason?

Jonah had one thing that he asked for over and over from us for Christmas.  He spotted a Captain America Hoodie in New Orleans that he loved.  I should have bought it then but JC Penney had at least 20 of them so I felt sure they would be in stock at home.  WRONG-O!!!  I searched every JC Penney on the I-4 Corridor and no one had them.  JCP was even sold out online and will not ship from a particular store.  So, I sent a PM to several friends who live different places to have them look.  Our dear friend, (and saver of Christmas) Beppa found one online and shipped it to him.  He was SO SO SO SO excited.  It made his day!

Micah's most favorite gift was a last minute decision.  He opened Buzz Lightyear and has been just thrilled to have him.  That Buzz has been played with for hours on end. 
I put this on Facebook but I'm awfully glad Vera and Debra (both Vidalia friends) still love our dog or he might have been forgotten on Christmas morning.  I quickly stuffed his stocking with their gifts so the boys didn't know!

Every time anyone would ask Micah what he wanted for Christmas, he would say "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!"  That is a new show on PBS that is like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  It is his favorite show.  There are NO books out yet about it and only a few toys.  And, the toys that are out, are only at Toys R Us and they have terrible reviews.  So, I got the cheapest one I could find so he could get something from Daniel's Tiger Neighborhood.  As you can see, he was thrilled!

At Jonah's school, like most around the country, The Rainbow Loom is the popular thing.  I didn't think boys were into it but they are.  So, we got one for Jonah. 
The next picture makes me laugh every time I see it.  Micah was playing this his trolley from Daniel's Tiger Neighborhood and I said "Hold it up ans smile."  Well, he held it up!

Around lunch time, we got the kids dressed and got ready for our lunch company.  We used the timer to take a few family photos. 

Jonah set the table for us.  I let him do it how he wanted and he did a great (and not at all near etiquette) job!
Then, as we waited for our guests, we finished up our Advent Tree.  I got this from Mary and Martha and LOVE it!  If you have kids, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Each ornament has a verse of scripture on one side and an activity of the day for the other side!

After that, our first two guests arrived.  Hazel and Louise.  We had to take pictures of the boys with them!  Those ladies love our kids and our kids certainly love them!

And, just to prove how awesome our spread was, I took pictures!  Check out the food!  First up, the dessert table!
We also had ham, turkey, cranberry sauce and rolls. 
Cheese and Spaghetti, Sweet Potato Casserole and Corn Casserole. 
Then, there was the dressing, gravy and green beans!  And, about the dressing,  y'all...I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!  I was so worried about messing up the most important part of the meal but it was great.  Like, so good that I'm scared to ever make it again.  That was even after I accidentally bought bell pepper rather than green onions and had to make an emergency Facebook post to beg for celery and green onion. 
And, we had yummy fruit that was left from my birthday Edible Arrangement!  Y'all, it was SO good.  We had the best lunch!

And, here is the whole crew that ate with us!  It was a fun, fun time and such a special Christmas!
Jonah got to enjoy some Uno with Helen.  That kid loves a game and will always play with anyone who will play with him!

Later that night, we got to catch up with GiGi and Facetime with her while the boys opened their gifts from her. 

It was a full and fun day with so many sweet memories.  We still have a few gifts left under the tree.  So, we are gonna make this holiday last as long as we can!

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