Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Family Photos- Part 2


Melinda said...

When Jonah was an "only" I did not think anyone could have a more photogenic little boy. Now that Micah has joined the Glenn Gang, you have 2 very wonderfully photogenic kids! Is there ever a bad picture of those 2?

Cathi said...

I was prepared to tell you my favorites but I kept scrolling and they were equally fantastic! I have to say I love the one of Dan w/ the boys where Micah's on the ground and then the one of Micah and Jonah walking away and Micah's turned around - be still my heart!!! That's the only 'bad' thing about professional photos...there are way too many great ones to choose just a couple! Ann did phenomenal but I don't envy you with all of these gorgeous photos.

Aja said...

Umm the one with Dan and the boys and Micah is grinning down there in the corner- amazing! Love it!


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