Wednesday, November 20, 2013

October iPhone Photos

I ended October's iPhone post mentioning Micah getting sick.  Boy, did he get sick!  He went from all is well to barely able to hold his head up.  I had to work that morning so Dan stayed home with him.  He sent me this picture after he threw up for the second time. 
When I got home, Dan left for work and I went took him to the doctor.  This was him in the waiting room.  Poor thing!

I asked him to smile and got this.  Poor thing.  He just wasn't feeling it. 

When we got to the back, he went straight to sleep on the table.  That never happens.  This kid pretty much only falls asleep in his bed.  On the rare occasion, he will sleep in the car but that is it!  So, I knew he was really sick when this happened. 

He apparently gets his hair from me! 
The doctor sent us straight to an imaging center to get pics of his chest.  She was worried for Pneumonia.  I had so much paperwork to fill out and he had to sit there alone.  Broke my heart. 

He was already feeling better by bedtime and was about 95% the next day.  Those Rocephin shots are GOOD!  You'll see the Monday/Tuesday picture listed below this next one. 
We left the doctor and went to Target for some more meds.  We shopped some while we waited for the RX to be filled.  Micah was thrilled to see his girl, Ariel.  He loves her.

When he got home that day, it was time for another breathing treatment.  He gave it to his dragon puppet first. 
I loved this picture of him from school but I didn't not love the backdrop.  It isn't 1980!  What's up with the decorated backdrop??

This was the first day it was cool enough to wear jeans. 
My boys LOVE Imaginext toys.  They play for hours together with them.  LOVE it!

I had a return at Pottery Barn one day so Dan and the boys did some looking while I waited in line.  Jonah read for a while then I found them all in the girl section playing in the kitchen toys.  Ahhh...

We had a fun family day at Sea World too!

Yep, a good tweet!

Dan's mom bought Micah a balance bike at the JBF sale.  He is quite the fan of it.  And, he is finally getting the hang of it. 

Every time we go to Beth's, we turn into her driveway and let Micah get up front and drive us in.  He loves it!

His favorite thing is to get in a box with all his friends. 
My hunny! 
 I saw this hammock in New Orleans.  I want one for my back porch.  Love it!  The next few shots are from that trip. 

We saw this ornament and bought it for our tree.  Except we asked them not to write on it.  We will do it ourselves since we got engaged there in 1998 not 2013. 
And, this is where it happened.   It was a magical moment!
Just a little light reading...
The wonder of technology still amazes me.  We love Facetime when we are away from our kiddos!
This kid loves his frozen yogurt.  LOVES it!

Max's ears are blowing in the wind.  HA!

Gigi treated the boys to a fun time at Chuck E. Cheese on her way back the airport.  It was a great Finale to her visit with us. 
Here is Jonah in his happy place...a bookstore!
SO silly!

My Halloween Hubby!

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