Thursday, November 7, 2013

Micah's Open House

The day Dan's mom flew in, I got her from the airport and we met Dan and Micah at his school for Open House.  He was so excited to show us "the whole wide world!"  Each classroom focused on a different continent.  We had to start in his classroom to get his passport then make our way to each room to have his passport stamped.  He loved it. 

"Look, Mommy!  Dis is me!  You see me?"

Micah's school is a great mix of Montessori style learning mixed with traditional classroom learning.  I love the combination.  When you look around the room at the toys and hands on learning options, you don't see the type of toys you find at Toys R Us.  Instead, you find educattional toys that promote experience and learning.

Micah was especially happy to lead us through Antarctica to the Science Porch.  This is one of the most loved parts of his preschool. 

And, they had a super cool igloo made out of milk cartons.  How neat is this??

Not only do they learn so much about science, they also grow their own fruits and vegetables.  After walking through the whole process from seed to finished product, the get to eat these things as snack during the week.  It's such a great experience. 

After having our passports completely stamped, we made our way out to the food tables where we got to sample food from all the continents. 

It was such a fun night for Micah to show us around and a great chance for us to see what a great school he attends.  They are good people who love my little boy and teach him so much about life, this world, education and our great God!

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Amanda said...

That looks like an amazing school! Loved all of it!!


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