Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ahhh...Thanksgiving!  It's that time of year where everyone on Social Media is complaining about the Christmas Decorations being in every store and Christmas Music on the radio.  It's the time where people are putting their foot down about shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  It's a joyful time!  Except, not really!  My word!  People have a lot of opinions on these things.  

I think I probably fall on a different side of the line than most of my friends.  I don't have a tree up yet.  (Probably because I'm lazy!)  But, I am listening to Christmas music on occasion.  You should probably know that Christmas Music is my favorite music of all time and I'd listen to it year round if other people around me didn't complain so much!  

Seeing Christmas trees and lights in the store does not anger me.  I can still be thankful with a tall decorated tree near me.  I don't feel it diminishes the holiday.  Thankfulness is a feeling, not a holiday.  So, even if all around me says it is Christmas, I'll still fully celebrate the season of thanks with a full and grateful heart.  

And, shopping.  Whoa!  That is certainly a hot button item.  I've never enjoyed the madness of Black Friday shopping.  I don't like crowds.  I don't like getting up early.  I don't like fighting 431 people for only 5 of an available item.  So, I avoid it.  But, shopping on Thanksgiving day intrigues me.  (GASP!)  I remember being a child and being BORED. TO. DEATH. by about 3 p.m.  My aunt and my mom always loaded all the interested kids into the car and we went to Kmart across from Metrocenter Mall.  They were the only place open.  They had no specific sales going.  They were just open to be open.  And.  It.  Was.  Packed!  We loved it. 

I liken the Thanksgiving shopping debate to the restaurants and stores open on Sunday debate!  There was a time that didn't happen.  But, if you ask most anyone in the service industry how they stay open, they will tell you...CHURCH PEOPLE!  The very people who complain about businesses being open are the ones who support it.  Eventually, Thanksgiving shopping will be the norm and we will have new things to protest.  

I was listening to our local Christian radio station last week, and one of the DJs read an email from a minimum wage worker at Target.  She said something to the effect of "I know you think that by protesting, you are helping us who work in retail but please understand, this is a blessing to my family.  Like many of you getting paid for a day off of work to be with your family, I am missing a day of pay.  I can't afford to be off a whole day of work!  Please don't protest, support those of us who will be there doing all we can do to provide for our families!"  

The DJ went on to talk about how many people who work in Retail have expressed their gratitude for their employers opening on that day in order to help them make more hours and even get paid time and half for that day.  Because of my job in MS, I saw firsthand how holidays effect minimum wage and part-time workers.  A missed day of work is a HUGE dent in their check.  My employees were always so sad to see their checks on holiday weeks. 

We don't complain about gas stations being open and their families having to work.  Or, about the people at Cracker Barrel or employees in a hospital.   Is it just about consumerism? 

Where do you fall in all of this? 

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Barb said...

I too love Christmas. I put my trees up last weekend. But like you, that doesn't mean I'm skipping over being thankful. Thank you for this post. It brought out some points about the whole Black Friday debate that I hadn't thought about.


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