Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Micah!

Dear Micah, 

As adults, we like to hear our parents talk about how we were when we were young. We like the stories most that we can't remember. We listen intently as our mom's tell us funny things we did and said. As each day passes with you, I feel sure that this is the age we will refer back to a lot!!! You, my dear three year old boy, are quite the character!  You smile about 90 % of the time. 

You are one funny boy!  You say and do the most hilarious things.  We laugh at you all the time.  Any time we leave you with anyone else, we come back to story after story.  As I envision your school days, I keep picturing your photo beside the words "Class Clown."  I don't think I've ever met another 2 year old prankster.  Who knew a little guy could be a practical joker? 

You are all boy.  You love to be rough and tumble.  You love to be outside.  You don't mind being dirty.  You love your bike, imaginext toys, your new train table and Jonah's scooter.  You love those things even more when your "brover Jonah" is right beside you.  You take falls without tears.  You accidentally roll down hills head first and jump up and dust yourself off.  You are one tough cookie.

But, unlike most boys, you have a deep love for a few characters that are normally loved by girls.  It started last year with your love for Abby Cadabby.  That morphed into loving Minnie Mouse but nothing has compared to your great admiration for Ariel- The Little Mermaid.  You sing her songs.  You quote her.  Your daddy even proved just how much he loves you because when we were in New Orleans last month, he bought you a stuffed Ariel.  Not all dad's would do that for their little boy.  But, he knows you will only love her for a little while.  So, that was a really big deal!

You also love Mike Wazowski, Mickey Mouse, Pooh, Jake and Elmo. Your favorite thing to watch is "Dinny Juner."  You are a pro on the iPad.  You love to play with your toys.  You will play alone in your room for hours at a time.  The mess you make is massive but you touch every single toy and have a blast.  Your must haves for bed time are "Elmo Mommack (elmo blanket), Lovey (made by Aunt Allison for your 2nd birthday) and "Dis" a frog NeNe gave you before you were ever born!  You can't sleep without those three things.  You constantly sneak other things into your bed but we notice that when you add 2-3 more into the mix that you play more than you sleep. 

Your favorite book of all time is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."  Beppa bought you a stuffed caterpillar while she was here visiting and you play with it numerous times per day.  You also love anything written by Sandra Boyanton.  Like your big brother, you love to read.  You have so many books and we cycle through them regularly.  Anything by Eric Carle is a hit with you. 

Your speech is coming along but you aren't there yet. There is a definite difference in your speech compared to your friends.  But, we are understanding you more and more.  And, you are able to communicate better.  I think this year will find you getting a little of the help you need.  You are a super smart little boy but you just can't quite get the words out all the time. Some of the things you say are so stinkin' cute that we almost hate to correct you.  You never say the S at the beginning of words but you always add it to the end.  So, we know you can say them.  For instance, you say oes instead of shoes.  And, you say abastation instead of Sebastion.  You'll get there, it is just taking you a little extra time and work. 

Sweet Micah, you have my heart.  I'm your best buddy.  Jonah was never a momma's boy but you are 100%!  As much as it annoys me sometimes that you have to have me, it also endears me to you.    Every time you get in bed, you say "You yay wif me?"  If we say no then you say "just for one minute?" as you hold up the number 1 with your finger.  It is hard to resist. I know that one day, you won't desire that, so we treasure it while you do. 

I don't know if you will ever love another soul on this planet the way you love Jonah.  If he cries, you cry.  If he is sad, you are sad.  If he reads a book, you grab one and sit as close to him as you can.  If he isn't home, you constantly say "I need my brover Jonah!"  You love him.  This mom's heart overflows with joy and gratitude for that.  

I can hardly believe you are already three.  When Jonah turned three, he seemed like he was so grown up but you still seem so little to me.  I think I secretly wish I could keep you little.  You are my last baby.  You were certainly a surprise to our family but definitely the best surprise we've ever gotten!  You bring joy and laughter to our home.  You bring a sense of excitement to everything we do.  You have a contagious smile and laughter that captures my heart every single day.  

I love you my sweet boy!  I pray today especially that God would grab hold of your life and help you walk each day with Him.  You are a gift, precious one! 


Kassi R. said...

Yep I cried. Love the Glenn family a ton! There will never be another like y'all! Happy Birthday all the way from Louisiana sweet Micah!

Penny said...

How sweet! He looks like such a joy! Happy birthday, Micah! :)

Penny said...

How sweet! He looks like such a joy! Happy birthday, Micah! :)


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