Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2nd Grade Open House

 Back in September, Jonah's school had Open House.  He always loves Open House because it gives him the chance to take us into his world.  He was so excited this year.  We had to go straight from Karate so he was still dressed from that.  He was a little excited about wearing that to his school. 
 This is one of the favorite things he has done over the years.  I love the way the picture shows them blowing and then the flower blowing away.  And, be sure to read his wishes. 
 He had a list of things to show us around the classroom.  We had to think of a silly rule as a family and write it down. 

 It made me laugh that Jonah's job that week was to turn off the lights.  If any kid is drilled on that regularly, it is him. 

 His favorite part of second grade...THE TURTLES!  He can't wait until it is his week to feed them.  If that happens to fall the week of Dan's graduation when he misses school, he would probably choose to stay here rather than go to New Orleans!

 Second Grade has already been a HUGE success!  (Unlike these photos!  Who knew there was a fingerprint right on the lens?)  He loves school.  He loves his teacher.  He loves his classroom.  Overall, it has been a wonderful experience.  I say this every year but I just can't imagine that it could be any better than it has been!

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