Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The remnants of summer

I just discovered photos that were taken this summer that I never uploaded or blogged.  Both of these were from adventure days with friends.  The first was from our half day at Busch Gardens.  Beth, Courtney and I took the boys to Tampa for a fun day.  But, we forgot to tell the weather what we requested so our day ended soon after lunch when the heavy thunderstorms rolled in.  It was ugly!  But, we did enjoy the morning. 

Then, back in July, we spent a day at The Magic Kingdom with Beppa and Jessie while they were here visiting.  (Yes, the girl who says she will NEVER go to theme parks in the middle of July went to TWO!)  As you will see, I spent way more time without the camera than I did with the camera.  I have only 4 pictures from ALL DAY at Disney!

Another highlight of our summer was having play dates with friends.  On this particular day, several of us met at the play ground and splash pad in Sanford for fun with the kiddos.  It was miserably hot that day so the playground wasn't all that fun. 

Somehow I missed all the pics from the splash pad.  I was too busy chatting with the other mommies.  (And convincing Momma's Boy Micah to go back out there and play!)

Summer was fun.  It all seems like a blur now.  But, I'd love to go back and have a few lazy days again.  Summer break makes me wish I had one ounce of ability to home school.  I'd love to have these little ones home with me and have a little flexibility with our schedule.  But, just yesterday, Jonah used the word "Reconciliation" as a 2nd grader and I'm pretty sure his academic level would go down rather than up after school with me.  So, I'll keep him where he is and just patiently wait for Thanksgiving break!

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