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September iphone pics

Being without a point and shoot camera causes me to use my phone for all the every day stuff.  I don't love that option because the quality isn't great.  But, I am grateful to have it because I'd miss lots of opportunities otherwise.  Here is another post full of pics taken on my phone. 

Thanks to Beppa, we got our Disney passes back.  She took all of us to Disney while she was here and we applied those ticket prices to Seasonal Passes.  So, for just a few hundred dollars, we are good to go for another year.  Except, once November comes around, we have to add Micah into the mix.  Once he turns 3, his free Disney days are over. 
Micah saying the blessing
One of our crazy ideas this fall was to get season tickets to Stetson University football.  That wasn't the wisest idea.  A football stadium isn't quite the place for a 2 year old.  Jonah and Dan have loved it.  Micah, not so much.  We've taken him to two of the games.  We've left saying that was one of our worst decisions.  Maybe we will look back at these pictures one day and have sweet memories of the days rather than heart palpitations like I have now when I think of those days. 

Dan got his guitar back from the fire recovery people.  The boys loved hearing him play and quickly joined him with their own instruments.  It was a family jam session!

Reading is a big past time at this house.  Even Dan gets to read for pleasure now that his D.Min is behind him.  Micah would sit ALL DAY with books if we had the time.  I love it!
Speaking of Micah, his room looks like a big boy room for sure now.  The recliner will soon be passed on to a friend expecting a baby and I'll fill that area with some books for him.  And, it won't be long until the changing pad and wipes are gone from there.  He is getting the hang of using the potty and we are looking forward to being a diaper free house. 

Jonah learned to ride his bike without training wheels on Labor Day.  A friend gave him the suggestion of using gloves in case he falls.  Great idea!
And, after 4 years of checking out books on my library card, he finally got one of his own!  He was certainly proud!
That same day, I had several packages to mail at the post office.  There was no way I could hold them all so I put them in Micah's stroller.  While I was paying, Jonah sat down in the stroller so he could keep reading.  He certainly has grown since he first used that stroller at 9 months old!  Those Maclaren strollers are well worth the money! 

A four year age difference in kiddos has been so nice.  Especially when I walk in the bathroom to see Jonah brushing Micah's teeth! Notice how he is holding his shoulder.  Love it!

Neither of my kids were pacifier babies.  I tried with both but never pushed it.  But, about a month ago, Micah found an old pacifier and cried every night for it.  I thought it was funny so I gave it to him.  Then I realized he was developing a great need for it.  He cried without it.  So, I took it back.  I certainly didn't want to be the only mom who started a pacifier habit at 3 rather than ending one. 
Jonah go a stripe at BJJ and a new belt for TMW.  He loves Martial Arts and is doing so great.  I'm glad he founds something he loves. 

Another Saturday night, another church banquet.  I'm just glad I really like my date!
Micah loves to wash his feet in the sink.  It is comical to watch. 

We went to CFA one night and our neighbor was there.  He and Dan looked like they planned to match.  Love this family!
A hooded towel AND stripes!  That is pretty much perfection to me!  Not to mention the cute boy wearing both!
One night while Dan was working on the final corrections of his D.Min project, Jonah wandered in and started asking questions.  He was very curious about the whole process. 
This is one of Micah's favorite books.  Marty and Debra gave it to Jonah so I sent her this picture to let her know it was still being enjoyed by a Glenn Boy!  (Actually both because Jonah still reads it too!)

Here he is getting his yellow belt.  We didn't know this was coming.  We were quite surprised that night.  Dan missed it because he left for a meeting at the church.  Had he known, he would have been late to his meeting. 

His good friend Cheyenne started taking Martial Arts with him.  He is excited to have a friend in there with him.  We get the benefit of chatting with her parents while they take their two classes. 
September also brought Miller's 3rd birthday.  I would say we were happy to celebrate with Milly but Micah clammed up and basically acted miserable the whole time.  He did have a few moments of happiness but only when I wasn't in his sight. 

This hat has become Micah's thing.  He loves it.  He wears it anytime I let him.  He looks like a little old cuban man in the hat.  I always laugh when he has it on. 
This was at Beth's house.  He did the same thing there that he did at Miller's party.  He clung to me and wouldn't let me out of his sight.  Isn't this a sad face?
Yep, he is always reading.  ALWAYS reading! 
Our neighborhood is adding reclaimed water so they are digging up yards left and right.  My neighbor told us to take pictures of our yard so we had a good base for what it looked like before.  They've made a huge mess around here so we are expecting our yard t be dug up very soon! 

Back to the hat...
These pictures were taken all in one day.  You'll see the hat went with us all day long.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG!

Back Porch





Here is Dan in his post-fire makeshift office.  He and Jon are working from 6 foot tables in a little sectioned off part of the high school room. 

Sometimes, when you are 2, you cry.  A Lot.  For no reason. 
Jonah loves mail!  This package came from Jessie.  He was thrilled. 
More Stetson Football.  (And, probably Micah's last Stetson game!)

Snuggles and pictures before bedtime.  Love this little booger boy!
Did I ever tell you that Jonah rides with no training wheels now?  So proud of him for facing that fear!
He was out of school last Monday so he went to work with me and then we headed to Disney for the day.  We were done at my office by 9:15 a.m.  He did homework and read while I did my work. 
This picture makes me laugh.  I looked up at one point and this was what I saw.  Apparently one pen is not enough for me. 
We left work and grabbed a biscuit from Bojangles for the ride to Orlando.  Jonah had his first country ham biscuit. 
We walked into the Magic Kingdom and Jonah grabbed his map just like he always does!

It rained a lot that day.  We got wet.  And hot. 
Jonah took this picture and told me to "send it do daddy to show him how bad we look after the rain!"  Thanks, buddy!
And, this..
Yes, that is a bow tie.  Yes, it kills me!  That is probably what he is wearing to Dan's graduation.  I'm still working on clothes for that.  

Have I ever mentioned how much these two love each other?  Here is proof!

"I smile.  You take my picture.  You show it to me.  Okay?"
My friend Nicole had a baby girl back in August.  She brought her to Miller's party.  Ann captured this photo.  I feel like it is straight from a photo session.  I told Nicole that if my own Christmas card pics didn't work this year then I'll just use this one of me and Nora. 

We all watched the end of Jonah's piano lesson last week.  We told Micah he had to be very quiet.  Now, every time Jonah practices, Micah says "Be quiet.  Be very quiet!"  If only he would!

After piano lessons were over, Dan walked us over to the offices to see the post fire clean up.  This is one part of the building where Dan's office used to be. 

This room was Jonah's Sunday School room before the fire. 
This was his choir room before the fire. 
Jonah wanted to help me make muffins last week so he asked me to wake him earlier than usual.  He saw us finishing up our quiet times and wanted to join us.  He ran to his room for his Bible and came back and settled in. 
My mom gave me some of my old pictures.  This one proves my athletic prowess.  I bet you are glad you never faced me and Shag's Fried Chicken on the ball field! 
Jonah had his annual eye visit last week.  Apparently his P.E. Coach has told him that too much sitting isn't healthy.  So, he did push ups and jumping jacks.  Reminds me of what Dan and I do at home all the time.  (ahem)

For some reason, both boys like to play/read/Facetime in my bathtub.  They would rather sit there than on the couch.  Odd!?
We went in search of Halloween costumes last week.  Dan & I both loved these.  They did not pass the test with either kiddo.  Apparently a costume for Jonah only requires one that will allow him to look like almost every other elementary aged boy.  (Think Superhero!) 
This was the beginning of a certain little guy getting sick.  If only I had known then what the last two days would hold. 

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