Monday, October 7, 2013

Mommy & Micah day at Disney!

One of my favorite memories of Jonah are the special days we have had at Disney...just the two of us.  Micah is finally old enough to enjoy days like this.  A month or so ago, the crowd calendar had The Magic Kingdom at a Level 1 out of 10.  So, we couldn't pass up that opportunity.  He and I got there right as the park opened.  We walked right in and onto the tea cups.  As you can see, he didn't like them at all.  Ahem. 

We then moved from ride to ride with no waits.  He had so much fun.  Seriously, SO MUCH FUN!

He even got to ride his very first roller coaster.  Goofy's Barnstormer was Jonah's first roller coaster and now it was also Micah's first.  He loved it.  Then, the very next week when Aja took Miller, he was tall enough too.  So, both of those little boys are now official thrill seekers.  (As if anyone ever would have imagined differently!)
It was time for lunch so we decided to leave the park and eat at Chickfila.  But, on the way out, I had an idea.  I knew we would spend about $14-15  at Chickfila.  But, Micah still eats free at Disney Buffet Restaurants because he isn't 3 yet.  So, I stopped by the Crystal Palace to see what their wait was.  Micah is a HUGE fan of Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends.  The Crystal Palace is a Character Dining Experience so I knew he would be thrilled.  And, since he didn't have to pay, we both ate a fabulous meal for just $10 more than I would have spent at a fast food place.  AND, he got to meet and chat with his buddies from The Hundred Acre Wood. 

When Pooh came over, Micah couldn't talk to him for pointing him out on his cup.  "Look, Pooh.  You on my tup!  Das you.  You on my tup!"

As we were leaving, the afternoon parade was ending.  So, we stopped to watch.  That little boy waved his brains out.  He thought those characters were all there just to see him. 

And, what is a trip to Disney without a quick stop to hug Mickey?  It was the perfect end to a fun day!

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