Monday, October 14, 2013


See those bins? They represent HOURS of work.  There are 8 of them there.  There are 4 more out in the garage.  And, my van is packed full already.  So, 2 full loads to Altamonte Spring and 686 tags later, I. AM. DONE!  Whew!  This is like a full time job a couple of times per year.  But, the effort is SO worth it.  I sell all of my kids old clothes and toys and buy their new ones at a fraction of the cost.  And, since I (95% of the time) buy their new things at great sale prices, it is almost like their clothes never cost me anything because I can sell them back for close to what I paid for them.  It's almost like a game for me.  

I'll drop one load off tomorrow then go back Wednesday morning with the bulk of my stuff.  I'll work my shift that day then shop for a bit.  Fortunately, my boys don't need much at all this year so I can use the money I make for our 2 trips to New Orleans.  I'm grateful for this opportunity to help my family.

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Cathi said...

You are the JBF Queen!!! I can't wait to hear what your grand total is this year. One day soon (because you said yes :)), you can work your magic on Colton's old duds and toys although I can't even imagine having half as much stuff as you typically do. Go Nicki, Go Nicki!! ;-)


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