Friday, October 18, 2013

5 on Friday

It is Friday morning. Jonah is at school. Dan is at work. Micah is watching "Dinney Junyer" and I actually have a few minutes to blog. I have lots of things to post but that would involve getting them from the camera, uploading them and then writing about them. So, instead, I'll do a few bullet points and link up with Five on Friday. 

1.  NOBTS-  In just a few days, we will be in the wonderful city of New Orleans so Dan can attend his Exit Interview for the Doctoral Program at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Y''s real now!  He did it!  I'm so proud of him.  He started this program 5 years ago and sailed through the course options.  As the rate he was moving, he would have finished the program in record time.  Then, we moved.  And, life was no longer easy.  And, we had another baby.  And, church was no longer easy.  So, school took a back seat.  But, he buckled down and worked until all hours of the night to finish.  And, he did.  So, we fly there next week so he can defend his project for a few hours then he will walk out of the room while a team of professors determine his fate.  So, you wouldn't waste a prayer on him on Tuesday.  Or, me for that matter because while he is in there proving why he deserves to have a Dr. before his name, I'll be out in the hall worrying enough to get a doctorate in stress on his behalf!  :-)

 2.  Pumpkin Patch- Pumpkin Patches are one of my favorite fall activities.  I love orange.  I love the beautiful backdrop pumpkins provide.  I love all the fun things that happen at pumpkin patches.  I love that kids can run, play and just have fun.  We have plans to go to a local pumpkin patch tomorrow.  I'm hoping a cold front will sweep in so we aren't roasting marshmallows there in 98 degree temperatures. in Florida. 

3.  The Little Mermaid- Micah has a new obsession...The Little Mermaid.   He loves her.  LOVES!  He quotes parts of the movie at random times.  He sings her songs.  He wants to "go to Disney World to ride The Little Mermaid and see Ariel" every day.  He spotted the doll at Target last week and gasped.  He kept saying "I need her.  I love her!"

4.  JBF Consignment Sale-  Twice a year I do the big JBF Sale down in Orlando.  I always have great results.  This time, I've been very disappointed.  There is a new owner.  She made some changes to the sale.  Things are much more crowded so it is harder to shop.  I normally spend hours shopping but the racks were so crowded that I couldn't even separate the clothes to see what was on the racks.  So, I didn't shop.  And, from the looks of my sales so far, other people feel the same way.  I was so disappointed when I checked my totals at the end of day 2.  That is a lot of work for a small payout.  I'm hoping today is a good day.  I was counting on the money from this to fund our trip to New Orleans for Dan's graduation in December.  

5.  Operation Change The World-  Yesterday was our annual OCTW event at Stetson Baptist.  This is the day we invite our community into our church to sign up for Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance.  Rather than just taking their names and then giving them what they need with no personal connection, we now have them come to the church and go through several stations before the sign up.  In those stations, they get to tell us their story, tell us their needs, be prayed for and loved on.  It's a great day for our church and our community. 

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elise @ cheers yall said...

hey girl! just found you on the linkup! yay! what beautiful and inspiring final pic. i just wrote about service the other day actually...God loves a cheerful giver!! for the kingdom, girly! glory to God!



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