Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's been going on...

I'm in a bit of a blogging slump.  I still have vacation photos to blog but those posts are so long that I can't seem to find the time to write about what all happened on that day.  So, I keep putting it off.  And, I'm going through my yearly "am I going to keep blogging" dilemma.  So, that doesn't help much.  My point and shoot doesn't work so I don't have the photos I would typically have.  So, it leaves me with a lot of empty days on here.

In just a few hours, my house will be filled with women coming to study God's word.  I'm doing a Bible Study in my home for Moms.  We will have a mother here with a newborn that is just weeks old all the way up to a mom with a son in grad school.  I'm excited about the wisdom that will be shared across the table.  I think we ended up with about 12 women signed up for this.  We are focusing on two books.  

The first is a very practical and easy read to book.  The second is much deeper.  It is a book that takes away the "doing" and focuses on being.  I wanted to combine the two as a means to reach two segments of people at once.  Some people would be scared to delve into a deep study while some would shy away from something so practical.  I think both are necessary. 

Now that we are several weeks into school, I'm still longing for the lazy days of summer.  I've had a bit of an overwhelmed feeling the last couple of weeks.  There seems to be so much to do and I'm not doing a good job of getting it all done/being where I need to be/helping where I need to help/etc.  Things just seem out of balance.  

Micah started potty training and is doing really well.  He hasn't reached the point where he tells us he needs to go but he goes every time we take him and he never complains about it.  He is happy to "succeed" and makes sure we all clap for him.  Dan took him to Disney last Friday and he didn't have one accident all day.  When he goes to school Monday, they told us to bring him in underwear.  So, I guess we will be full-fledged by then.  

Dan got his D.Min project back from the reader and only had minimal corrections to make.  He should have had it back by September 1st but didn't get it until last week.  The backlog was due to Doctoral Candidates for the December graduation.  They normally have 5-7 but this time have 27!!!  That is unreal.  Everything is backed up for them because they don't have the readers to get through that many projects.  He immediately did the corrections then sent it back in.  He had to send three hard copies this time for the Faculty readers.  After a trip to Office Max and $100 later, those babies were mailed back to New Orleans.  Now we wait until mid-October when we fly out for his exit interview/defense.  We are all happy to see this phase of his Educational journey come to an end. 

As I looked at Timehop yesterday, I realized a recurrent theme in all of my daily updates.  I discovered that September has been a crazy month for us for at least the last 4 years.  Each day, I have relived the journey of leaving Vidalia and arriving to Florida in 2009, readying our lives for Micah in 2010, the debacle of a former staff member who did such damage to our church in 2011 and then my surgery recovery in 2012.  Those posts each day have reminded me of the days where we could barely breathe and how each step we took was thoughtful, deliberate and holding the hand of God.  Then, some of those posts were joyful and exciting.  We were relishing the good moments God had given us and soaking up all of Him that we could.  Septembers of past have brought much heartache, pain, joy, excitement and hope but most of all growth.  I feel like we are in another one of those Septembers now.  We have a lot going on.  (which makes me wish this blog was private!)  But, I'm sure I will look back at September of 2013 in the same way I have the last four.  

I could write more but my house is calling my name.  All those ladies coming at 10 a.m. will need places to sit and clean dishes to use.  So, I'm off to prepare for the day! 

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