Monday, September 2, 2013

Response from Jonah's teacher

Jonah has been having some trouble with his ears again.  He saw the ENT last week.  After her report, I sent the following message to his teacher and copied all of his special area teachers.  

Jonah had a follow-up appointment with the ENT today after school.  His ears have gotten worse.  She said he is only hearing about 30%.  She told us that if he isn't seeing us, then he probably isn't hearing us.  She said the severity of the fluid on his ears will cause him another 3-5 weeks before he is better.  I wanted you to be aware of this because I know it could affect his behavior if he can't hear the instructions being given.  If you notice him not responding or not following instructions, there is a good chance that he didn't hear you.  (although, I won't rule out him just not obeying sometimes!)  He isn't hurting but he definitely isn't hearing well. 

I got responses from most of them letting me know they got the message and thanks for letting them know.  Later in the day, I got this from his drama teacher. 

Jonah came in class today and told me right away that he was having difficulty hearing.  I said, “I received an e-mail from your mom, but thank you for speaking up and telling me.  That is very responsible.”  Jonah responded, “I am always responsible about my body.”  I thought it was cute the way he said it and wanted to share….

That kid...

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Barb said...

So sorry Jonah's ears are so bad. I hope they get better soon. But that boy is so funny! Love the stories you share. :)


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