Wednesday, September 11, 2013

August iPhone Photos

I have a random way of uploading/blogging/cataloging/backing up my photos.  I've done it as long as I've had my Mac.  So, as I was going through photos from August, I came across my iPhone photos from that month.  There were so many pictures that had stories.  So, I decided to do an August iPhone dump on the blog. 
Glow Stick Baths

Seriously, they are holding hands while reading.  MELT. MY. HEART.

All the boys wanted to be with Jonah.  Micah didn't seem to mind eating alone.

On the week that Dan had his final push for his D.Min project, I kept the boys out of the house as much as possible.  This was ice cream at 9:00 p.m. one night.  

Little Passports was a favorite this summer!

Thank You notes were not a favorite!  I'm trying to instill a spirit of gratitude but it is hard!!

Another day of Dan working on school meant a road trip to Tampa.

We met up with Mia and Bella there. 

The littles playing checkers

The bigs playing checkers

Thank you Apple for inventing FaceTime.  We got to tell Daddy goodnight. 

And, sometimes it is just fun to wear dino hats in Target!

Road trip + Sleeping together + Strange Place + tired boys on the drive home!

There is pretty much nothing sweeter than a child praying!

Superheroes ready for a walk around the lake

He's so stinkin' cute!

I got a new Bible.  It is the ESV!  It's very pretty but super small print.  I'm using it for my quiet time now. 

A Messy Playdate

It is never easy to say goodbye!  But, we had to tell a friend bye as summer came to an end.  Thankfully, they had one last playdate!

These sweet ladies took Jonah to Marine Land for his his birthday.  He had "a pretty great day!"

One of my friends had a baby.  We kind of think she is a miracle.  And, I'm definitely smitten with her. 

I always love reading pictures.  ALWAYS!

A fun end of summer/back to school bash!

First Day of School Teacher Gifts

New Hello Mornings Study-  Ephesians!

How can this be?

We (except for Dan) were quite colorful this day!

I love reading Jonah's old books to Micah.  Sweet memories!

Nora...again!  Love her!

Another praying picture.  Heart Melts again!

Mommy/Micah lunch date

Boy Campout in the Living Room

A friend gave Jonah a Find-A-Fossil kit.  It was one of the top moments of his summer.  He LOVED this! We have since decided that being friends with a middle school science teacher has huge benefits for your science loving kid!

The Little People Farm is always a big hit. 

My laundry helper

They have moved on to The Hobbit as their nighttime reading. 

Sometimes if you stop by our house, you MUST sword fight!

Clark Kent?

FLASH CARDS!  The worst way to spend an evening.  (If you ask Jonah!)

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