Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A new day

Yesterday was tough.  Not all of it.  Actually, some of it was really great.  But, when something bad happens, it seems to overshadow the good and you (well, me) end up focusing on the bad rather than the good.  So, maybe I'll back up and start with the good.  

We had a really good morning in our Bible Study for mothers.  I use the term "Bible Study" very loosely because yesterday was more of an overview/get to know you than studying about anything.  I'm excited to see where that group goes and what we learn together.  The practical meshed with spiritual concept is going to be really good.  I'm excited to see what God does in our hearts, lives and homes over the next few weeks. 

I was feeling pretty good about life as I sat in the pick-up line at Jonah's school.  As he climbed in my car, he began to tell me what had transpired over the course of his day.  Within a minute, my heart hurt and my entire mood changed.  I'd love to fill you in on what happened but as he gets older, I really want to protect his privacy.  But, trust me when I say, you would all be shocked at what happened.  He was heartbroken over his actions.  He didn't have to tell me he was sorry.  I could see it all over his face.  He wasn't just sorry, he was repentant.  His teacher had taken the correct actions and had even required a written apology that we had to sign.  

He had a follow-up appointment for his ear so we talked more about it in the waiting room.  I told him that this would be one of those times that he would also be punished at home.  He told me he was scared to tell his dad but I told him that wasn't an option.  He had to tell his daddy and we would decide together what the punishment was.  But, I also assured him that because of his honesty (he didn't get caught at school, he confessed to his teacher before she discovered what he did) the punishment would be much less.  We ALWAYS reward honesty!

While we waited in the waiting room, Jonah read a book and I text Dan to give him a heads up.  His response back was "My heart hurts!"  Yeah, mine too!  He immediately called the school and left a message for Jonah's teacher.  We text back and forth so he would know everything before Jonah told him.  We finished at the doctor (ears are back to 100%!  YAY!) and went to pick up Micah.  

Before going any further, you have to understand that every day when I get Micah, someone tells me how sweet he is and how he always follows instructions and what a great little boy he is.  Yeah, you can see where I'm going, right?  I walk up and rather than calling his name from the playground like the normally do, his teacher walks toward me with a look of great frustration.  She says "He has been a pill today!  I've never seen him like this!"

She then proceeds to tell me all sorts of things about his behavior that threw me (and her) for a loop.  It was as if he were a completely different child than she had ever seen there.  We were both shocked.  When she called him over to me, I asked him about all of those things in front of her and he admitted to them all.  I made him apologize to her and told her we would discuss them more with him tonight.  He lost a privilege before we ever left the parking lot.

I called Dan as soon as I hit the car.  We were both so sad!  Not because our children misbehaved.  All children do that.  It just hit on the same day.  And, both things were completely uncharacteristic.  Jonah's especially.  Rather than going home, we drove to the church so he could talk to both of them and get that out of the way.  

I won't go into great detail but things went down hill when they got home.  It just ended up being a really bad day.  Things progressed and Jonah ended up having to go to bed at 5:45.  We have NEVER done that.  Nothing else was getting his attention though.  That devastated him.  His heart was broken.  But, it was all we knew to get through to him.  We went back to talk to him about 5 minutes later and he was OUT!  That kid slept from 5:45 p.m. until 6:45 a.m. when I woke him for school.  I'm thinking exhaustion might have played into his behavior.  And, my friend Carrie reminded me it was a full moon yesterday?!?  I'm certainly not taking all blame away from them and I've never understood the whole full moon concept regarding behavior but yesterday was so opposite of anything I've ever experienced from them that I'm HOPING the full moon was to blame!

Jonah woke up in a great mood this morning.  Micah is still asleep.  Today is a new day.  When asking Jonah what his punishment should be, he suggested 2 weeks of no electronics.  (That is way worse than we would have done!!)  His teacher called last night and said to make sure he knows when he walks into her  classroom today that yesterday has been forgotten and today is a brand new day.  That was a good reminder for us also.  So, Dan told him this morning that going to bed early was his punishment for yesterday and that we were starting fresh today.  He was very grateful for that.  

And, I'm grateful for the same for me.  It's a new day!

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Jenn said...

You inspire me so as a mother, I enjoy your honesty whether it hurts your heart or not. I hope you bring so much out of your new ministry, I look forward to hearing all about it here and on facebook


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