Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Back to School Bash

Before Jonah started Kindergarten, he was invited to be part of a little neighborhood Back to School Party.  It was such a success that they had another one this year.  This family has three children and they have done it for each of their kids.  Their last entered Kindergarten this year.  My kids were excited to be there to celebrate the beginning of a new school year.  (I was personally still in mourning over summer ending!)  They waited patiently for the 10:30 start time by reading books.  When it was time to leave, they happily held hands and marched right across the street. 

Our neighbors had thought of every detail for this end of summer/beginning of school party.  From water guns to water slides to paint to water balloons to games.  The kids had a GREAT time. 

Here are the three little Kindergarten girls.  They were just a few days shy of beginning their educational career.  It seems like yesterday that Jonah was holding his sign for this party. 

Here is our cute group of second grade boys.  All but one of them were in preschool together.  They are beginning their 5th year of classes together.  Well, actually, some of them have been together since long before Jonah joined them at age 3. 

And, what is a party without some silly games that involve shaving cream and cheese balls?

It was another fun party with lots of fun kiddos and their parents.  Jonah truly loves these boys and I've certainly enjoyed watching them all grow up together. 

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