Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jonah's 7th BirthDAY

We drove home from Jonah's birthday party loaded down with balloons and gifts.  We planned to open gifts at the party but the kids were having SO MUCH FUN that we didn't want to stop it to make them sit and watch him open gifts.  And, if we had opened the gifts, they would have had to miss glow in the dark dodge ball.  We gave Jonah the choice and he immediately chose to play dodge ball with his friends instead.  So, we let him open gifts after we got Micah to bed.  

Then, after we got him to bed, we did a little door decorating for him.  Who wouldn't want to open the door to their bedroom on their birthday morning to discover this???
As happy as Jonah was to celebrate his birthday, he was equally sad because Debra and Jessie were heading back to Shreveport, LA after a 2 week stay with us.  Our last time together was over lunch at Texas Roadhouse. 
If you give him a choice of eating anywhere he chooses, these are his places.  (In order of preference)
1.  Subway
2.  Texas Roadhouse (or Outback) for steak
3.  Olive Garden for Spaghetti (or Bellinni's Deli in Deland if we won't leave DeLand to eat)
4.  Sam's Club for pizza

We enjoyed one last lunch with our friends and then said our goodbyes.  This was the easiest goodbye we have ever had.  Debra had fully prepped Jonah and he had a full day of birthday fun ahead of him. 

When we got home, Jonah opened his birthday cards from our friends and family in MS and LA.  He was so happy to find more Subway gift cards (What kid gets over $100 in Subway cards for his birthday because that was his most requested gift???) and money for his college fund.  Since he was born, I've put all birthday and holiday money into his college fund.  He has a nice start to his college savings thanks to the generosity of so many friends.  We always let him choose something he really wants prior to his birthday and he uses some of his money for that.  This year, it was the Skylander's Giants. 
If you know much about this boy, you know that he LOVES science.  His amazing 1st grade teacher instilled a deep love of science in him.  Between Christmas and his birthday, he has gotten most every age appropriate science kit that is out there.  While Micah (and Mommy) napped, Jonah and Dan spent a couple of hours doing this kit. 
After the little guy woke up, we headed out to Epic Theater to see Turbo.  We all loved it.  It was such a cute little movie.  I snapped Jonah's picture as we were getting back into the car.  He still looks SO big to me here. 
NO celebration of Jonah's is complete without a trip to Subway.  He was able to use his card from Beppa to buy the entire family dinner that night.  He was proud to use his money for that. 
It was already past his bedtime when we got home from Subway but we threw caution to the wind and went for ice cream anyway.  We dropped Dan and Micah at home so Micah could get to bed then I closed out the day with my favorite big kid.  The little guy has now been totally replaced with a full-fledged big kid who is just about to enter 2nd grade.  He is silly, inquisitive, smart, kind, sensitive and overall a pretty amazing kiddo. 

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