Thursday, August 22, 2013


This was my Facebook post from earlier today!  That kid..

Me: (as I wake Jonah for the day) If you move fast enough the muffins will still be hot when you get to the kitchen.

Jonah: What muffins?

Me: I made homemade blueberry muffins before I came to wake you.

Jonah: Homemade? I thought you used a mix sometimes.

Me: I did use a mix but I still made them.

Jonah: well, actually, that isn't homemade.

Dear future daughter-in-law,
I'm so, so, so sorry! Hope you can cook from scratch.
Love, Me

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Penny said...

Let Mr. Jonah know that my very wise cook-from-scratch Nannie made biscuits with Bisquick. She said if you make it at home, it is homemade. :) It's become my motto as well. Short of milking a cow and gathering the eggs myself, I have a few scratch recipes. They came from my Nannie/godmother. Both my Nannie and Mimi could cook anything from scratch. But Nannie used mixes once in a while. No shame in that. Lol


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