Sunday, August 4, 2013


That, my friends, is a picture of immediate relaxation.  This was just minutes after we arrived at our home away from home for the week.   We walked in the front door and right out the back to take a look at the water.   Our friends tell us that sometimes they go days without seeing another soul on the beach.  Now that we are here, I totally get why.  

This will definitely be a vacation of relaxing and serious family time.  Dan just started his first book to solely read for pleasure in FIVE YEARS!  This D.Min program had him read so much that he didn't have the chance to read anything but hundreds of books for his project.  With that behind him, he has a trilogy to tackle this week!

I hope to actually catch up on the blog this week.  So, stay tuned!  (But, I'm dead tired tonight so I'm catching up on sleep first!)

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