Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Beach Vacation- Day Two

We woke up on Monday morning of vacation and went straight to the beach.  (After a quick breakfast and devotion!)

The house we were in was right on the bay just outside of the gulf.  They tell us that water is normally a beautiful blue/green but due to excessive amounts of rain over the last month, it was more like a glass of iced tea.  It was still clear but just very brown.  

You'll see a mixture of pictures in this post that come from my DSLR and my Waterproof Digital camera.  Typically, the pictures would be in complete order of the day.  But, the clock on my waterproof camera was 2 hours off so it messed up the order.  A perfectionist blogger would reorder them all.  But, that's not me.  So, you'll have to understand why they are so out of order at times. 

One of our favorite parts of the trip was kayaking.  The owners of the house had 2 adult kayaks and 1 child kayak. We all loved them.  I posted about it on Facebook and my "friends" questioned the validity of my claim of ME being in a kayak.  So, I made sure to get pictures in the kayak the next day.  But, I will go ahead and give the disclaimer that having your photo taken in a swimsuit and in a kayak does not produce the most flattering photos.  So, out of 20 or so, you might see one or two.  :-)

This kid LOVED the kayak.  He was SO good at it.  We've discovered over the last year that organized team sports aren't his thing but he loves outside adventure type things.  Which is great because that is totally us.  (ahem!)

Micah wanted so badly to have his own kayak but he just wasn't quite big enough.  He took turns riding with each of us.  EVEN JONAH!  Jonah was so good with him.

(Water drops would occasionally end up on the lens and I didn't notice until the upload.  Sorry!)

Louise and Hazel spent most of the morning out there with us.  After a few hours chasing Micah in the water, I think they decided not to invite us back next year.  They found a few creatures to show the boys. 

See, out of order pictures!!

We came in for a yummy lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and goldfish.  My boys would eat that for every single meal if I would let them. 

Poor Micah...he was pushing the limits so he ended up in time-out.  As you can see, that made him super happy!
But, after a little time, he was back at the table and super happy to chow down on fruit!

Oh wait, back in time out!  It is tough being 2!

One of the best parts of Dan's week was getting to read something for pleasure.  For five years, he has been so entrenched in school that the only reading he did was required reading.  So, just a few years after it's rise to popularity, he finally got to read "The Hunger Games."  (and eat boiled peanuts!!!)

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