Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Beach Vacation- Day One

Two weeks before school started back, we loaded our car and headed Northwest to the Florida Panhandle.  We were invited by a couple of friends from church to spend a week with them at a family beach house.  We left right after church that Sunday afternoon.  The boys were so excited!

We got there a little after 9:00 p.m. and walked into such a beautiful house.  Ms. Hazel, who invited us, goes to this house every year.  Her niece and nephew own it and give her time there every year.  She was so kind to invited our family to go.  I made sure to take pictures before we messed the place up.  Every bedroom had a big bathroom.  Seriously, it was so nice.  This as our room. 

This was Jonah's room.
This was Hazel and Louise's room.

Ms. Hazel was so excited to see those boys when we got there.  We all went right out to the back balcony to see the water. 

Not only did we have a beautiful house, we arrived to a wonderful meal.  Seriously, I've found a new way to travel!  I'm just going to follow those ladies around to wherever they vacation. 
We let the boys play for a while but they needed to get some rest.  Hazel did Jonah's devotion with him while Louise played the iPad with Jonah.  I did a little unpacking while they entertained the kiddos. 

Sweet little Micah is an amazing sleeper but we give him the perfect sleep conditions.  (ie. sound machine, black out panels, cool room, etc)  When we travel with him, he is a terrible sleeper.  When he is outside of that perfect home sleep environment, things go south.  So, as soon as we walked into the house, we started looking for a place for him to sleep.  Yeah, the closet in our room was huge.  So, we put a mattress in there with a box fan blowing over his head.  It. Was. Perfect!

He slept all night and well into the morning.  BINGO!  

Stay tuned for our many adventures from our first full day at the beach. 

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