Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Passports- The Beginning

One of the fun things we have done this summer is a program called Little Passports.  It's been great for Jonah because he LOVES getting mail and he loves learning.  So, this combines those two things.  His first shipment included a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, his suitcase and his passport.  He and I opened everything and started exploring while Micah ate yogurt and watched from his high chair. 

There is a sheet included each month that gives you clues about where your next package will arrive from.  He quickly learned that Brazil was the country Sam and Sofia would be visiting.  He was super excited about learning more about that country. 

We stopped for a quick dinner then jumped right back into the learning. 

Each month there is a boarding pass that opens another section of the website up to you so you can learn about that country online also. 

This has definitely been a fun summer adventure.  I'm going to go ahead and re-enroll for 3 more months to see if there can be a good balance between school work and this.  If not, I'll cancel the subscription until next summer.  But, it has certainly been fun.  And, we have BOTH learned things about the world that we did not know. 

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Melissa said...

We love Little Passports and are on our 8th month. My older boys have learned so much and we've added to it each month by tasting a food indigenous to that country. It's been a great learning experience for all of us and I'm thinking about asking for the States version next year for the boys' Christmas.


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