Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jonah's First Piano Recital

This little six year old you see has now participated in his very first piano recital.  As the youngest player, he played four very simple songs from memory.  He said he wasn't even nervous.  I can't say the same.  I was a nervous wreck for him. 

I found these cute Ralph Lauren Preston Pants on Ebay a little over a month ago.  So, I knew those would be his recital pants but we had to find a tie to match.  Fortunately, Dillards had a precious red tie with blue polka dots that matched perfectly.  Seriously, he looked so cute!!!

Before we left for the church, he practiced all four songs a couple of times just to be sure he had them.  Dan helped him a little and then we were ready to go. 

Here he is with his amazing teacher, Ginny Wright.  I'm not kidding.  She is amazing.  She has the most precious heart of anyone you would ever meet.  She loves Jesus.  She loves music.  She loves teaching kids to love Jesus and music.  She did so much for Jonah over the last year.  She taught him to love piano.  And, I'm so grateful for that. 

We had a little time before the recital began to take pictures and get settled.  Ginny divides her students into two groups and does two recitals.  I know parents appreciate that because it cuts in half the length of the recital.  There were 14-16 students in each of her recitals that morning. 

We were so proud of Jonah.  He made a couple of mistakes but it didn't bother him.  Most of all, he had fun.  And, that is what matters most to us.  If he doesn't love it and enjoy it, he won't have the desire to keep doing it.  As some of the older kids played these incredibly difficult pieces, I leaned over and said "Would you like to play like that one day?"  He smiled and said "YES!  I want to be that good and I want to learn guitar and drums too!"

Ginny was very kind to give us a DVD of his performance and a few pictures that were taken with her camera.  I uploaded his songs to YouTube so you can see them.  It doesn't take long but will show you how well he did. 

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