Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jonah's First Grade Awards Day

Most of the grades at Jonah's school have a big awards ceremony but for some reason, the 1st grade classes all do their own awards in the classroom.  I see pros and cons of both ways of doing it since we had it the other way last year in Kindergarten.  I know I've said it several times on the blog but Jonah was blessed to have another amazing teacher this year.  We definitely feel like we won the teacher lottery the last two years. 

Jonah and Lyla were recognized for reading one million words in Reading Counts.  That is a huge deal for a first grade kid.  Mrs. Hoover made a big deal out of it and really honored those two for their hard work. 

Dan even got an award for his stellar balloon toss skills that were shown the day before at the class picnic. 

Jonah ended the year with several awards but he was most proud of the science award.  He LOVES science so that was a big deal to him.  I (think) this might be the last post of his first grade year.  We are several weeks away from 2nd grade and are soaking up as much summer fun as possible.  First grade was wonderful!  We can only hope school continues to be as wonderful for him as it has been thus far!

With our beloved Ms. Nancy from ECDC

Boys, Boys, Boys

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