Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday Link Up

1. VBS-

What a week! We have just ended the 5th day of VBS and all the people in this house are T-I-R-E-D! Well, except for Jonah who rarely ever admits to being tired even though he can't hold his eyes open while he moves at a snails pace.  This was such a fun year for my boys.  Jonah hit the VBS stride and loved everything about it.  He doesn't want it to ever end.  Micah also loved "BBS" but it was kind of like a club Med for toddlers over in the nursery thanks to Aja and her crew, so I totally get why he liked it.  

As a parent, there is nothing more wonderful than hearing your 2 and 6 year olds singing the name of Jesus and quoting scripture they have learned.  Hearing those young voices repeating the name and attributes of Jesus captivates my heart in such a beautiful way. 

2.  The Beach-

In just a few weeks, our family will be heading to the Panhandle for a beach house vacation.  A friend in the church has family who owns this house in Mexico Beach.  They go every year and invited us to go with them this year.  She informed us that they cook fresh seafood every day and will watch the boys so we can have a few dates.  Yes, please!  So excited!

They haven't been around little kids for an extended period of time in quite a while so I'm already expecting not to be invited back next year.   Kidding!  (Kind of?!?)  I'm been gathering swimsuits, beach toys and pirate clothes for the week.  I'm just hoping nothing happens that causes us to cancel this trip too.  

3.  Shoes-

My kids are blowing through shoes like crazy!  Not because they are wearing them out but because their feet are GROWING so quickly.  Dan's mom usually buys Micah's grey New Balance shoes each year for his birthday.  I've already bought one pair for him since she bought the ones in November and now I need to buy another pair.  Jonah is on his third size since school started last August.  When you ask Jonah what he wants for his birthday, he rattles off a list that includes Subway Gift Cards, Legos, Skylanders and Itunes gift cards.  I'm trying to convince him to scratch all of those things and ask for shoes.  Hasn't worked yet.

4.  Ebay-

I had my first negative Ebay experience and when I say negative, that is kind of an understatement.  Wowzers!  A couple of years ago, I spotted this comforter set at Dillards.  The comforter alone was $350.  I kept watching for it to go on sale.  It never did.  I've continued to love it.  So, I looked for one on Ebay.  I found one for a great price that was new without tags.  

I should have known there would be problems when it didn't even ship until the day it was expected to be here.   When it arrived, it was in terrible shape.  She claimed it was due to being shipped in a vacuum sealed bag.  Come to find out, she admitted to it being used for 2 years.  Ummm, I thought it was NWOT?  I left it draped over the chaise in the living room for several days.  I showed it to all of my company.  They all commented on the poor quality before I told them the story.  One lady guessed that I paid $25 for it.  Yeah, it was bad.

It's been a long struggle with some not kind emails sent to me but I stood my ground and finally got my money back and shipped the item back to her today.  I was so disappointed in her inaccuracy and then the way she handled the whole situation.  I learned a big lesson.  I'm just glad it is over. 

5. The Pool

In just a couple of months, we will have lived here for 4 years.  I've yet to really enjoy the pool.  It has been more work than fun.  I was pregnant the first summer, had a baby the second summer and busy toddler the third summer.  But, this summer, oh what joy that pool has brought us.  The kids love it.  Pool days are their favorite.  They would rather swim than most anything.  Micah took lessons at the beginning of the summer and swims great.  But, when they are just splashing around, I put him in his puddle jumper so he can just enjoy it and not have to work so hard.  

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Emily B said...

Glad everything worked out with the bedding. I know what you mean about VBS, we had youth camp the week before... then Jeremy was the VBS director the next week... then we moved the Monday after VBS. June was insane haha!


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