Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stetson Baseball

One of the things we love about our little town is having a University here.  Stetson University, home of the Hatters, is known for their baseball.  They tend to do well each year and are definitely known as a baseball school.  We've been to a few of their games.  But, this year, we got a special treat.  A friend from church invited us to one of the suites for a game. 

Our friends from church who invited us, invited all of the staff and their families.  They had a wonderful meal for us with some pretty yummy appetizers.  And, we got the bonus of watching the baseball game from the comfort of an air conditioned box.  That is the way I like to do baseball. 

As a side note, you should know the family who invited us is the midst of a unimaginable pain and loss as they lost their precious daughter yesterday to brain cancer.  Jimmy (lower left of picture below) and Debbie Joiner's oldest daughter Lindsay, went to be with Jesus and we are all so heartbroken.  Lindsay was just 32 years old.  There are no answers as to why God allows pain and suffering.  But, as we pray for Jim and Deb, Lindsay's husband Steve and her sister and brother-in law, Shelly and Zack, we trust the providence of God.  We all mourn the loss of one who offered so much to this world. 

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