Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jonah's First Grade Mother's Day Tea

Jonah's first grade teacher does an annual Mother's Day tea.  I was so happy to join my little guy in his classroom as they celebrated their moms.  Since we were all dressed up, I took a few photos of him before we left home.  He looks so big here. 
We walked into the classroom to find the tables all decorated and ready for all the mommies.  They even had gifts for us. 

His teacher, once again, was just amazing this year!  I seriously do not know how we were fortunate enough to win the teacher lottery two years in a row. 

This is Logan.  According to Jonah, "Logan is my very very very best friend in the whole world and universe!"  I never noticed how much taller Logan is than Jonah.  He really is such a sweet kid and I'm glad Jonah has been in class with him the last two years. 

Here he is with Mrs. Hoover right before they went to Special Area for the day.  She had already changed clothes and I was taking Jonah with me for our day at Sea World. 
Oh, and you need to know Martiza.  She is the School Administrative Assistant.  We love her!
Dan snapped a few pictures of us together after we got home.  I sure do love this little six year old.  He has made my heart so happy.  I can hardly believe he is D.O.N.E. with 1st grade!  Blows my mind!

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