Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm currently sitting in a Hospice waiting room in Jacksonville, Florida. Dan is visiting a 32 year old friend in her final days of a year long struggle with brain cancer. 32 YEARS OLD!  My boys are here next to me. Jonah is playing his Nintendo DS while Micah goes back in forth between the iPad, watching Pooh and reading books. They are being so quiet and sweet. I look at them and feel so grateful. Yet, I also feel guilty. It is hard balancing grateful ness for the ways God has blessed me with fear of an unknown future.

I know this family never expected to be here. But, somehow, their normal turned to chaos and now their daily lives include words like death, goodbye and Hospice. They love Jesus so passionately. If ever a man should get a pass from life's difficulties because of his faithfulness, Lindsay's dad is the one. But, life just doesn't work this way. We don't get passes. We only get grace to make it through each day.

So, I'm asking God for extra measures of His love and grace for this family.

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