Saturday, June 15, 2013

He's a really good daddy!

My dad died when I was pregnant with Jonah. So, since 2006, I haven't gotten to celebrate my own father on Father's Day each year. I always think about him. I always remember him and the crazy things he did. I always wish that my boys could know him. But, on that one particular day in June of each year, I just rely on the memories of a life with him rather than actually spending those days with him.
Since having children, Father's Day has taken on a new meaning for me.  It has become the day that I try to help my boys know just how amazing their daddy is.  Truthfully, they won't understand it for quite some time.  It will be a while before they know the sacrifices he makes for them.  It won't be until they are older that the realize the example he has always set before them.  But, I still spend my days making sure we talk about those things now.  Until they can learn it for themselves, it is my job to help them know all that he does for our family. 

I've never questioned his role as a father.  I knew he would be amazing long before God blessed us with children.  But,  the busier he gets, the more I notice just how wonderful he is.  He is one of the hardest workers I know.  He doesn't shy away from anything.  Long hours do not scare him.  Hard jobs are faced with determination.  But, even on the busiest and most stressful days, he still takes time to shepherd their hearts.  He walks in the door after 15-16 hour days and goes straight to their rooms.  If they happen to be awake, he crawls into bed with them.  He tells stories, he sings songs, he prays with them and for them.  He makes sure they know how important they are to him.  

And, he really loves their mom.  There is so much security that comes for kids who know that their parents love each other.  They have seen such a beautiful example of how a man should love his wife because Dan is their daddy.  I pray already for the girls they will one day marry.  I know those girls will thank Dan for modeling how to be a good husband for his boys. 

He was a hands=on daddy from the beginning.  He never defined what was my job and what was his job.  He got up with babies at night.  He changed diapers.  He cleaned up messes.   Never because of guilt but always because of love.  He showed them before they ever realized it that they were his most important treasure and that nothing was beneath him.  They have already learned to be good, hands-on daddies because he is theirs. 

He plays with them. He lets them be boys.  He has sword fights and plays the tickle game.  He builds lego castles and plays with Sesame Street toys.  He builds with Handy Manny's tools and watches way too much Disney Junior.   He rough houses and still teaches them to be gentle and respectful at the right times.  He teaches them to do chores and yard work but makes it fun in the process.  He talks about the value of money and hard work.  He teaches them to laugh at themselves.  He teaches them to love and respect others.  But, most of all, he teaches them to love Jesus. 

That Dan Glenn, he's a really good daddy.  One of the best I know.  He loves us well.  He loves Jesus.  He has integrity and a heart for others.  He stands up for what is right.  He speaks the truth even when there are consequences.  He is bold.  He works hard.  He has a heart of compassion and he sees the best in people.  He's a good man...but on Father's Day, we focus most on the wonderful father that he is.  I'm grateful to God for him.  He's definitely one of the good ones!


Melissa said...

I found your blog from my sorority sis Aja's and loved this post-very sweet!

Penny said...

So sweet! Your little family is very blessed to have each other. :)


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