Monday, June 24, 2013

Disappointing Jonah...

This has been a tough summer for Jonah.  His little heart has been crushed several times because of things planned that didn't actually happen.  I know that is a lesson that we all learn at some point in life, but his lesson is happening over and over in a period of just a few weeks.  As a mom, that is hard to see.  So many things have been cancelled for him that he now asks questions like "Could we go swimming this afternoon if nothing comes up to stop us?" and "I hope we can do ________ if it doesn't get cancelled at the last minute!" 

It all started with a big family vacation we had scheduled in June.  Since then, there have been 5 or 6 things he has had his heart set on that didn't happen.  (Including another week long trip that he doesn't even know he isn't going to yet!!) And, now, it seems like his birthday party is being added to the list.  As you faithful blog readers know, I'm a HUGE party planner.  I love celebrating the births of my boys one day out of each year.  Well, in the early part of this year, Jonah chose to add NYC to our Philadelphia vacation in lieu of having a birthday party.  

But, things happened and our vacation was cancelled at the last minute.  Then, out of blue last week, Jonah said "Since I didn't get to go to New York City or Philadelphia, do I get a birthday party now?
It certainly wasn't his fault that the vacation didn't happen so we told him that we would gladly plan a party for him.  I chose the first date and booked the party only to realize that I had a baby shower at my house on THE. EXACT. SAME. DATE!  (Epic calendar fail for me!!!)  I called the place back and took the very last spot they had.  Then, I sent a text to a few of the boy mom's I don't see or talk to regularly just to give them the date and time.  It worked for only one of them.  ONLY ONE!

There were certainly other friends we planned to invite but at this time, all indications are that it's not gonna happen AGAIN!   I'm torn between going ahead and sending the invites and waiting to see if anyone can come or just chunking the whole thing and hoping he doesn't remember it is his birthday.  Sweet thing...he is so sensitive that no one showing at his party would break his heart.  (Not to mention that we have to pay for 15 whether they show or not?!?)  Oh, and have I mentioned that no one RSVP's anymore so there would be no way to tell?

What's a mommy to do? 



Cathi said...

You thrown him that party he would like and if you have to do it in the middle of the week to accomodate those (you think may be able to make it), then that's what you do! You would never forgive yourself if you didn't have a party for him and that being based on people saying the date didn't work for them. Like you said, NO ONE RSVP's anymore so I say throw caution to the wind, pick a date, pray like crazy that everything works out and then get into your party planning mode!! Jonah won't expect all of his friends to be there but (at this stage of the game), he will certainly expect a party of some sort. Love you and if there is anything I can do, please let me know!

Amber said...

Bless his heart!!! That makes me SO sad!!! That is so hard as a mother to explain! You are right, NOBODY RSVPs! What about an early morning surprise party? Maybe pick all his friends up and go to ihop for breakfast but surprise him? I am so sorry! You know I LOVE a birthday party...I will think about it and let you know if I think of something!

Penny said...

Maybe you can just do a swimming party at your house? Or take him somewhere for the day?
Poor buddy and poor mom... ;(
Hope you think of something else.


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