Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

 Dr. Spivey left our house early this morning.  Dan and I were sitting in the living room discussing various options for the day.  I checked the Amtrak schedule and realized a train was leaving for Winter Park in less than an hour.  We jumped into high gear and made it there in plenty of time.  None of us had ever ridden an Amtrak train before. 

 The first train to pass was the Auto train.  Man!  That thing had some power.  It was loud and super fast.  It kind of scared us all. 

 Our train was a little late so we walked around the train station for a while.  The boys enjoyed exploring the different things.  We ended up in the gazebo until our train arrived. 

 Jonah asked to take a picture of us.  He is really doing well with his photography.  I rarely delete photos he takes.  You'll see more of his later in this post as we were waiting for the train to pick us up. 

 We were so surprised with the train ride.  It was SO roomy.  It was very cool.  (as in temperature!)  I was expecting more airplane like conditions.  It was definitely the way to travel when it comes to being comfortable. 

 Dan and Jonah walked through the different cars until they found the dining car.  They came back with treats for Jonah but nothing for Micah. 

 I asked him to take Micah for a snack too.  They were gone for a while but finally came back with an apple and milk. 

 We got to Winter Park and took off to explore Park Avenue. 

 We stopped at The Gap and found a few things for Jonah to try on.  I heard Dan say "I don't think that mommy will like those!"  He then told me that I had accidentally gotten skinny jeans for Jonah. 

 Except, when I was putting them back on the rack, I noticed that they weren't skinny jeans.  They were just a size 3 meant for Micah.  HA! 

 We ended our time in Winter Park by visiting a candy/ice cream shop.  The boys got to pick out their treats then we went across the street to the park to eat and play until our train came. 

 More photos by Jonah. 

It was such a fun little spontaneous adventure.  We came home and got right in the pool.  And, for the first time, Micah really swam on his own.  We had a fun-filled day but my mind was constantly aware of the sacrifices of over 1 million men and women who have died serving our country.  I can't quite comprehend that type of sacrifice but I'm so grateful.  SO VERY GRATEFUL!

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