Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lyla's 7th Birthday

A few weeks ago, the boys and I went to the mall to celebrate Lyla's 7th birthday.  Lyla is in Jonah's class this year and is such a sweet little girl.  On any other day, I would have left Micah at home with Dan but he had a work day at the church so Micah had to tag along with us. 

I love little girl birthday parties.  Actually, I just love birthday parties in general, but I especially love the frilly-ness of a girl party.  So, I always pull out my my wrapping paper and channel my girly side. 
Lyla's party started at Build-A-Bear.  For a while, Jonah was the only boy there.  But, after some time, a couple of other boys came.  That made this boy very happy.  He was a little skeptical of "all the girls" at first. 

This picture made ma laugh.  Have you ever seen three boys look more unsure?  The girls were all smiles but the boys were just bothered enough that they looked miserable.  It didn't take long for them to warm up and realize having fun was okay. 

Here is Jonah with the birthday girl.  She is a ROCK STAR reader.  She is the best reader in all of first grade.  Jonah is quite impressed with that.  And, those two cheer each other on when it comes to Reading Count points.  I love to see friends support each other. 
Jonah chose a black bear and bought karate clothes for him.  He got to name his bear before printing the birth certificate.  Jonah, being the creative genius that he is, came up with (wait for it...) KARATE!  So, blog readers, allow me to introduce you to Karate!

The theme of this party was "Teddy Bear Picnic."  I knew the invite said we would go upstairs to the food court for lunch after the party.  What I didn't know is that Lyla's super mom transformed the food court into the cutest birthday party.  Seriously, it was amazing!  Complete with ants marching across the tables!!!!

We all enjoyed a yummy Chickfila lunch followed by a fabulous cake.  We were the envy of all the food court patrons.  And Lyla, well, she had a fun time at her party!  So did we!!!

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Cristi said...

How did this Build a Bear party work? Did each guest purchase their own bear? Just wondering. Oh and by the way, Micah is looking sooooo grown!


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