Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best work?

See that kid? Yeah, the one with the goggles! He.  Is.  A.  MESS!  Oh, he makes me laugh.  But, without trying.  You see, Micah is the naturally funny one.  He has a crazy sense of humor and he is always trying to make us life.  Jonah never tries.  It just comes naturally and that makes it even more funny.

When I picked him up from school, I told him he could take  one hour to do what he wanted.  He chose to swim.  He knows he has to practice piano first thing.  So, he ran to his room and I could hear him banging more than practicing.  I was cooking dinner so I listened for a minute then said "Jonah, are you doing your best work or your quickest work?"  He responded "Definitely my quickest.  That gets me in the pool faster!"  

True.  Very true!

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