Thursday, May 2, 2013

As of late...

So, I've been so excited about school ending.  Except I didn't realize there were still five more weeks.  FIVE.  MORE.  WEEKS.  How is that possible?  It is May!  School should be winding down in May, not gearing up for the last five weeks!!!  But, we are so I must deal.  (Rather unhappily, I might add!)  Jonah has loved first grade.  If the last two years are any indication, he will be the child that loves school his whole life.  You remember those people, don't you?  They were awfully annoying.  Yeah, that will be him.  The only reason he is excited about summer break is so we can visit the library more.  I don't think he remembers the other wonders of summer like the beach, water parks, sleeping late, vacations, pool time, Vacation Bible School, etc.  I'm sure it won't take him long to get indoctrinated. 

The past few weeks have been insanely busy for us.  I know this isn't normal for most families, but I have to look at the calendar every few weeks to decide what nights I can cook dinner.  This week has been zero.  The only night we would have been home to cook was Tuesday but that was the night we took Jonah out for a celebration because of his school accomplishments that day.  Dan has had a schedule full of meeting with people about salvation, baptism and church membership.  I'm pretty sure there is nothing in this world that fires him up more than that.  We have a Baptism/Communion service Sunday that is set to be pretty amazing!  I can't wait!!!

We made the final plans last week for our first BIG family vacation.  I'm pretty excited about it even though it seems a little overwhelming.  Everything about the trip sounds fun and exciting except for the fact that Micah is 2!  While he is insanely cute and so much fun, being 2 sometimes lends itself to being crabby, moody, whiny and a little uncooperative.  Would I be naive to assume that will be gone by June?  Oh, I would?  Ok, lie to me then!

This vacation started as a quick trip up to Philly to go to Sesame Place.  As you know, Micah is quite smitten with all things Sesame Street.  So, a theme park fully dedicated to his favorite friends is just a dream for him.  We know if we wait a year, that love will be gone.  So, we are throwing caution to the wind and heading to Philadelphia to visit Elmo, Abby and the rest of their friends.  We don't know one single person who has ever been so now we have been charged with scouting the place out for many of our friends with little ones who love Sesame Street.  And, as soon as we realized Sesame Place was near Philly, we had to throw a few historical sites in for Jonah who loves all things History.  So, we will see the U.S. Mint, The Liberty Bell, Elfreth's Alley, The Betsy Ross House, Benjamin Franklin's Grave and The Rocky Stairs and Statue, (Yeah, that one is for dad!)

As we were planning the trip and looking for things to do, we discovered New York City is only a 90 minute train ride from Philly.  While we would NEVER plan a vacation to take kids to NYC, we couldn't get that close and not go over for a little bit.  So, we are actually flying into NYC, staying there a couple of days to do some of the kid friendly things.  Ever since Jonah learned about New York in Bible School a couple of years ago, he has asked to go see the Statue of Liberty.  So, that will certainly be a stop.  We will also do Central Park (complete with a carriage ride), The Museum of Natural History, Dylan's Candy Bar, FAO Schwartz, 9/11 Memorial and The Empire State Building.  If time permits, one of us will take Jonah to a Broadway Show while the other entertains Micah.  There are several shows he would love right now.  He has already seen The Lion King and Stomp but would gladly see either of those again. 

After our days in NYC, we will take the train to Philly then do all of our things in Philly and fly home from there.  It really is a blending of the best of both worlds for our boys.  They both get to do things they love and it is educational and entertaining all in one trip.  It does seem like a lot to pack in but we are also realistic enough to know that we will do what we can and enjoy that.  If we do more, great.  If we do less, that's fine too.  We just want them to grow up with fun experiences that enrich their minds and lives.  So, by the time we fly there and back, ride the train from NYC to Philly and then rent a car in Philly, we really will do a Planes, Trains and Automobiles vacation.

I had a lot more to write about but I have things to do before heading out to a meeting at the church.  Instead, I'll just leave you with this video of Micah praying.  He hammed it up once he realized the camera was on him but it is still so sweet to hear him think of things to pray for.  You know, things like "Dis knee and dis knee!"

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