Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Super Heroes at the Park

My boys L.O.V.E. all things Super Hero.  Jonah didn't really know who any of them were until he was 3 or 4 but since Micah has a big brother, he clued in pretty quickly.  They play Super Heroes all the time.  So, seeing them in these clothes made me just giddy!  And, might I add, we got more compliments on these clothes than any other thing they have ever worn.  On this day, we had an ENT appointment, haircuts, lunch and the playground.  Numerous people stopped us to talk about them.  So, so, so cute!

Their NeNe and Pops sent these directly from Mistletoe Marketplace and I've been waiting for them to fit.  Even the boys loved them!  And, what better place to be super heroes than at the park for a family fun day!

And, in case you haven't seen it, Micah likes to show his muscles.  Doesn't he look strong?

Jonah took these pictures.  He was a pretty good ways away from us and standing on the slide.  He has obviously not learned the art of zooming out!

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