Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It's that time of year again. The week of JBF is one of the most exhausting of my entire year. I work at a frantic pace to get everything sorted, tagged and packed then I work at the sale in order to make a higher commission and to shop first. At this sale, I typically get rid of any clothes/shoes my kids have outgrown.  I clean out their toys to find things they don't play with anymore or that are no longer age appropriate.  Then, I use the money I make from the sale to buy their next season of clothes and toys at a massively discounted rate.  

Yesterday, as I was hanging some of Micah's clothes to sell, I spotted a swimsuit I wanted for him from Gymboree.  It was new with tags for $3.  FROM THIS CURRENT LINE!  Insane!  I worked my 8 hour shift yesterday so today I go back to shop.  I'm excited to see what deals I find!

When I left last night, there were still over 1000 consignors who had not dropped their items off.  So, I'm sure it will be CRAZY full when I get there today. 

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Cathi said...

They may need an even larger venue....without all that useless seating! Happy Shopping Day to you!


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