Monday, April 1, 2013

Considerate of the Tooth Fairy

A few minutes ago, I was talking to Jonah about several things while we rode in the car.  Since he just lost his tooth yesterday, that was a big part of the conversation.  I asked him if he woke up at all in the middle of the night to see if the tooth fairy had come yet.  He said "Well, I did wake up and I wanted to look really bad but I kept my eyes closed really tight so I wouldn't distract her if she was in my room!"  I asked why he tried not to distract her and he said "because there are so many other boys and girls who probably expect her to come tonight too and I didn't want to slow her down and cause her to not get to their house before morning!"  

I seriously teared up a little.  I said "Jonah, that is so, so, so thoughtful of you!"  I'm proud of you for thinking of others like that!"  He said "Well, it was REALLY hard and I had to squeeze my eyes shut so I wouldn't be tempted to look!" 

We have been working overtime on Jonah's consideration of other people.  It is hard training a little boy to be respectful, polite, kind and considerate.  Most days it seems that we don't make a lot of progress but then he surprises us with things like that.  He was truly concerned that another kid would be disappointed that the fairy didn't make it to their house.  Maybe, just maybe he WILL grow into an adult who doesn't only think of himself!!  :-)

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