Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little flying...

 Last Saturday, Dan and Jonah had the opportunity to go up in an airplane for a nice view of our city.  The little 2 year old that lives with us was not at all fond of being left behind.  And, that silly boy was even upset that he couldn't parachute like those he saw falling from the sky as we walked to the airplane. 

 As they were getting ready to take off, we said our goodbyes and handed the camera to them so they could take pictures from the sky.  Dan snapped this picture of Micah who wanted to go so badly!!
 These views are of our church.  Our youth were in the midst of DiscipleNow and were actually having Field Day so it was fun for them to see that from the sky. 

 Then, they flew over our neighborhood.  Our friends, Dave and Aja just built a house in the neighborhood behind us.  These pictures proved how very close we live to each other now even though it takes a little while to make it through both of our neighborhoods. 

 Our friend, the pilot took his camera and took lots of pictures of Dan and Jonah.  I was so glad for his perspective.  And, it was so nice because he was able to get pictures of Dan actually flying the airplane.  Dan said he got to do the takeoff and most of the flying.  What fun!

It was a fun day for Dan and Jonah.  I'm so glad they got to experience this together!

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Barb said...

How cool! Jonah looks like he was having a blast.


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