Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Great planners...terrible executors!

I am the greatest planner in the entire world.  Seriously...I plan the most fun outings, the best vacations and the most awesome events.  But, I'm terrible at executing those plans.  T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.  Here we are, smack dab in the middle of Jonah's Spring Break and I'm at home blogging while Micah naps.  We should be on the West Coast enjoying a fun day at Busch Gardens or frolicking (that's a word I never use) on the beach.  Instead, we are in DeLand.  Yep, wild ones, we are!

The past few months have been extremely busy and full of stress for Dan.  He is at work more than home.  The kids miss him.  I miss him.  So, we decided to take full advantage of spring break this week.  We both planned to work Monday but then take the rest of the week off.  We were going out of town until late Saturday night.  Just us for five whole days.  

Then, it hit us...SECRET CHURCH!  We have a big simulcast at our church Friday night.  David Platt and The Church at Brook Hills is doing their Secret Church on Good Friday.  We were excited about it.  We planned it.  We promoted it.  We forgot it fell during Spring Break.   No biggie...we changed our plans in order to be back mid-day Friday.  

Our plans were back on.  We were excited.  Then, a sweet church member died and the funeral was planned for Thursday.  So, we adjusted our schedule and decided to just a two day trip and get back mid-day Thursday.  So, last night, I packed the boys before they went to bed.  Dan delivered Max to his best friend, Dakota.  I sat down to book hotel rooms.  Except, there were none.  NONE!  Well, there were some in a few places that I'm not sure I'd feel safe staying.  There were none within 20 miles of Busch Gardens.  None on the beach.  

Then, as we looked at the weather, we couldn't help but notice just how cold the forecast was.  The beach was out of the question.  And, the wind was a little much.  Not to mention, spring break crowds.  We discovered in our research that 3 of the central Florida counties were all on Spring Break this week with us.  That probably explained the full hotel rooms.  So, we had to put the kabash on our trip to Tampa.  

Fortunately, Jonah is just over the top happy to have Dan home so he doesn't even mind that we aren't going anywhere overnight.  They just left to go to Family Fun Town for a few hours while Micah naps.  Later, we will play some board games and then watch a movie together after Micah goes to bed tonight.  It certainly isn't the fun road trip we had planned but being together will be fun and is much appreciated.

Tomorrow, if it warms up at all, we are going to drive about an hour to a cool wildlife preserve that has hiking available.  There are hikes from 1/4 mile up to 5 miles.  The 5 mile hike looks amazing with tons of wildlife and trails.  We are planning to do it.  Hopefully the little guy can hang.  There is also a big manatee viewing deck.  With these chilly days, there should be tons of those.  

But, who knows, the way we plan but typically fail to execute, that probably means we will just be at home watching Sesame Street all day!  :-)

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jenny winstead said...

I have come to realize that since Shan is gone so much with work, that just being together is good enough...who needs all the grand plans and entertainment? I hope they enjoy their week with Daddy! :)


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