Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gator Bowl Pep Rally and Parade

As evidenced by the timeliness of my blog posts, I take great pride in quickly reporting the most recent news from The Glenn Gang.  And, by great pride, basically I mean I'm just happy to get a post done before the one year anniversary of that event.  Ahem.  Actually, I am rather timely but when I have posts with a lot of pictures (like this one) I tend to put it off until I have time to really write about it.  Then, by the time (in this case over 2 months later) rolls around, I'm so far behind that I basically post the pictures with no descriptions just to move the post from my DRAFTS to PUBLISHED folder!  So, that pretty much sums up what you are about to see happen.

Back on New Year's Eve, we loaded up our family of four and headed to Jacksonville for the day.   The Mississippi State Bulldogs were playing in The Gator Bowl the next day and there were lots of activities leading up to the big game. We didn't want to take the boys to the game but we did want them to experience a little fun courtesy of Dan's Alma Mater. 

Doesn't Micah look thrilled to be there?  Hee Hee!  That boy was tired before the fun ever started. 
We first enjoyed the pep rally.  And by enjoyed, I really mean sweated a whole lot.  It was cold when we left home.  I didn't plan for it to heat up.  Ooops. 

I look up at one point and Jonah was BAWLING and holding his eye.  Micah had whacked him in the head with the cowbell.  It was so loud, we didn't even hear him crying. 
Micah did feel really bad for hurting his brother.  His concern didn't make the pain go away but it was awfully sweet to see. 

Check out the mark over Jonah's eye.  Poor guy!  Those cowbells are dangerous!
We attempted a few family shots using the ole' "hold your arm out" method.  We weren't successful. 

A nice lady in front of us offered to take one for us.  MUCH BETTER!

After the pep rally, we had lunch then found our spot for the parade. 
Jonah was especially happy to meet up with his buddy Rob.  Rob is the biggest MSU fan we know and such a good daddy and friend to kids.  Jonah adores him.  If  we lived near them, I'm pretty sure Rob would hold Jonah's "best friend" status.  He thinks he is amazing. 

It was a really fun day...especially for Dan.  He loves his bulldogs but lives too far away to get to do much pertaining to MSU.  So, sharing this day with his school and family was fun for him.  And, just exhausting enough to wear this little guy out for the ride home. 

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