Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Easter Egg Hunt

I have a lot of Easter decorations. But, somehow, I totally missed putting out one piece of Easter decor this year. We had a lot going on at the time I should have decorated and then it seemed like a waste to get it out for just a few weeks.  Looking back, I wish I had ignored that thought and just done it.  Easter is my FAVORITE holiday so now I regret not celebrating it for several weeks.  One day last week, it hit me that since I didn't get Easter things down that our baskets were somewhere in the attic with all of that.  I told Dan he would have to get in the attic to find them.  Then, UPS arrived with these super cute baskets from my mom.  PERFECT! 
The boys enjoyed pulling all of the candy and treats out which was perfect for me because I wanted them to use them for our egg hunt.  We had to plan a little family egg hunt this year because neither child had an egg hunt at school or with friends.  In the past, we have done egg hunts every year with our next door neighbor.  But, they are in Tampa this year so it was just us.  I grabbed some plastic eggs at Target yesterday.  I got some candy to fill them but then imagined Micah opening the first egg.  I just knew he would open it, see the candy, sit down and that would be the end of the egg hunt.  So, being the planner that I am, I opted to put nothing in the eggs as to extend the length of the egg hunt.  EPIC MOMMY FAIL!  E-P-I-C!!!

We sat down to to take a few pictures and Micah grabbed an egg, opened it and said "Dere's nuffin in my egg?"  He looked at Jonah and said "Dere's nuffin in my egg, JOE-nah!"  Then he opened another one.  He said "Mommy, it's EMPTY!"  Then he looked at Jonah and said "JOE-nah, is your egg empty?" 

And, it went downhill from there.  My masterful planning was a disaster.  That sweet boy knew there should be something in those eggs and could not even look at me for a picture because he was so concerned they were empty. 
We stopped to take a few pictures before we started the egg hunt.  That was a little more difficult than I anticipated.  Micah was still hung up on his empty egg.  I wanted to make a spiritual application about how I chose to keep the eggs empty because the tomb was empty and that should be a reminder to us...(yeah, talk about a Jesus Juke!)

I set up my tripod for a family photo.  My kids L-O-V-E the beep of the self-timer.  Some of our best photos of Micah happen when the beep is on.  Our friend Louise (Weez, as Micah calls her) came over to bring the boys Easter goodies so she was there for all of this.  She now has a newfound respect for any good photo she sees of our family.  She saw what it takes to get one. 

Yep, another empty egg!  He said this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME he picked up an egg.  EVERY TIME!

After our little photo session, Louise went inside with the boys and Max while Dan and I hid the empty eggs.  Max could hardly wait to get outside with us.  By the way, his little Easter shirt was a gift from Debra Merritt several years ago in Vidalia.  He still wears it every year. 

Here they are...ready to find some empty eggs!

I guess Micah thought that Louise could magically make things appear in his eggs because he kept taking them to her to say "Dere's nuffin in dis egg, Weez!" 

Yep, you guessed it.  NOTHING IN THAT EGG, EITHER!
Or that one!
Or that one!
Nope, not that one either!
Or that one!
These two are best buddies.  Jonah thinks his daddy hung the moon.  What a lucky little guy he is to have Dan Glenn as his daddy and hero!

"Weez, they are all empty!"
Louise says that this shirt is the very reason Max has to take Prozac every day.  Hee hee!
We ended the egg hunt by playing at our neighbors house on their little playground.  The boys got to run and play and take their minds off of the empty eggs.  I visited with Louise while coming up with grand plans of filling those eggs tomorrow and having another egg hunt.  Maybe I can redeem the holiday for my poor 2 year old!

My boys love Louise and she sure loves them.  (and spoils them pretty regularly!)

I kind of like her too!  ;-)

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