Friday, February 8, 2013

One winter day...

When we moved to Flordia, we were expecting mild winters.  People told us we would rarely wear coats.  They told us that our pool wouldn't have many vacant months.  They told us that our winters of years past were gone.  Except, our very first winter had record setting lows.  RECORD SETTING LOWS.  We had to buy Jonah a heavy coat.  We got full use of our sweaters, gloves and coats.  Then, the next winter came and whaddayaknow, another record low.  So, pretty much we were convinced everyone lied to us.  Then, last year came and it was a bit more mild.  But, this winter, oh, this winter...wowzers.  Here we are into February and I've worn a jacket ONCE.  Granted, there were a couple of times that I would have rather had one on but it was at home and I was out.  But, basically, this winter has been incredibly opposite of what I have always known winter to be.  

Jonah has worn shorts to school more in 2013 than he has worn pants.  My kids have played outside as much as they want.  They have been to the beach TWICE.  Once just to go and once to swim.  We are going to Disney this afternoon when Jonah gets out of school.  I'll be wearing flip flops and short sleeve.  It's crazy!  So, a couple of weekends ago, we ventured out on a winter day to see the DeLand Dog Parade and to go pick strawberries.  I dressed my kids for cool weather.  (I forgot to check temps before leaving home.)  They were burning up.  We started at the Dog Parade.  We met up with Margie and Colton and then several other church members all congregated there. 
Jonah and Hannah had lots of fun together. And, at age 4, she has already perfected the hand on the hip pose. 

I woke Micah up at 10 so we could get to the parade by 11.  He was obviously comfy in his stroller while he ate his breakfast. 

I looked up at one point and spotted this.  It melted my heart.  I love to see Jonah be kind and loving to Micah with no prompting from me.  Seriously, so sweet. 

We were happy to see the Stetson University football team there.  2013 is their Inaugural Football Season.  Our church is really rallying behind this team and school and becoming very involved with them. 

It was a fun morning.  The kids loved the parade.  There were hundreds of dogs dressed in costume.  It was super cute.  We left there, had lunch with the Uppercues and then all went to pick strawberries. 

Micah ate more than he saved.  We all filled our quart baskets full.  He ate a quart on his own.  I just paid extra to make up for that. 

This was an activity I planned to do alone with the kids for something fun to do while Dan was out of town.  I'm SO SO SO SO happy the Uppercue's came along.  That made for 3 adults and 3 children which was a much better ration than me alone as 1 adult and 2 children.  Because, in case you didn't know, it kind of takes an army to keep with the little one. 

After seeing my boys burn up, it finally hit me that they both wear T-shirts under most everything, so I pulled their shirts off and just let them wear their t-shirts.  They were much appreciative. 

Craig and I went in to pay for all of our loot while Amy watched the kids on the swing.  She was able to capture a silly face photo session. 

We really did have such a fun day.  It wasn't a planned Uppercue day but we ended up spending 4 or 5 hours with them.  The kids had fun.  We had fun.  It was a good (winter) day!

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