Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Checking out the moon...

Jonah has an obsession with all things science.  I owe this to his amazing teacher, Mrs. Hoover.  On "Meet The Teacher" day, when Mr. Whitaker handed Jonah the slip of paper with his teacher's name and classroom number on it, he said "Oh, you have Mrs. Hoover, she loves science.  You will have fun in there."  And, from that moment on, he declared himself a lover of science too. 
For Christmas, he asked for science kits and science books.  He got lots of them.  He reads about all things science.  Goodness, the kid is reading science books on a 5th grade level and finishes one then wants to start another one immediately.  He can't get enough. 
So, when he opened this telescope from Jeff, Cathi and Colton for Christmas, he was beyond thrilled.  We took it outside one night recently and spent forever looking at the moon, stars and constellations.  He asked me questions that I didn't know.  So, I just made something up.  Ha!  Not really.  But, kind of.  ;-)
I love seeing his little mind captivated by something.  I don't know who or what he will become in life but as I pray for him, I ask God to let his life bring glory to Himself and to give him passion for something at an early age.  Maybe this is it, maybe it isn't.  But, it is fun watching him develop his own interests. 
If you remember, he has always been interested in the moon.  We bought the "Moon In My Room" before it was the popular must-have item for kid's rooms.  So, to see the love of "his" moon come full circle has been sweet. 
We are looking forward to going out to the country one day soon so he can really see things.  We are way too much inside the city for the good shots. 

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