Friday, February 1, 2013

Changes...big changes!

Monday morning brought some changes to our house.  This wild haired little boy started preschool.  Yep, he is now enrolled in a three day per week Montessori program preschool.  His day started by me waking him around 6:30 a.m.  That is approximately 3 hours before his normal wake time.  His hair didn't even have time to process this.  

He ate breakfast with us and even got to participate in family devotion.  He normally misses that because he is snoozing.  He didn't have much to add except for the occasional "more blueberries, please and MILK!!"
 Jonah saw me with the camera when he walked in and did his signature pose.  This is what he does now when he sees the camera.  Normally, I fight it.  That day, I went with it.  It is who he is these days.  You'll see more of this, I'm quite sure.  You know, considering how he does it 18-19 times A DAY!!!!
 Both boys finished their breakfast while Dan read the devotion.  We kind of switch up who does that each morning.  If Jonah is eating slow, he just listens as one of his reads.  He really likes to do the reading though.  We all talk about what we need prayer for on that day then we pray and head out the door. 

 That morning was a little different because we had some extra time due to not knowing what the morning would be like.  So, after breakfast, the boys got to play a little.  (after taming Micah's hair!)

 We still had time to go outside to take a few pictures.  Micah could not focus for worrying about what was inside his lunchbox and backpack. 

 He wanted Dan to come open his lunch box and show him everything in it.  Then, he wanted to stop and eat it.  He opened it no less than 15 times before he got to school that morning. 

 Doesn't he look big?  Like, much bigger than a 2 year old?  Seriously, he is only 28 months old but looks like such a big kid!!

"Nonah, you got a lunch box too?"
I didn't take any more pictures once we left the house.  I knew the transition was going to be tough for him.  I knew that we needed to do a quick "drop and go" so the camera would only be a nusiance.  

We dropped him right at 8 and were anxious to get him at 11:30.  He had a great day.  He only cried for less than a minute they said.  Then, at one point in the day, she said he looked at her in the middle of a nature walk and said "Where my mommy?"

He will be there for 3 days each week.  On one of those days, I'll be working at my new job!  Several months ago, Dan and I started praying that God would open a door for Micah to attend this particular school.  It is fairly costly so I needed a part-time job to pay for it so it wouldn't wreck our budget.  But, it is hard to find a part-time job that allows me to still pick up Jonah from school and not miss any weekend or night time with my kids.  But, God totally provided even more than I asked for with a great 4-6 hour per week position at a church.

The church is 12 miles from Micah's school.  I'll be there one day per week for 4-6 hours.  It allows me to use my giftedness and also provide the money needed to pay for Micah's school.  I went yesterday for a few hours of training then officially start on Monday.

I'm seriously blown away by the timing of this.  I looked back at my prayer journal from October of last year and Micah attending this school and me finding a part-time job were listed almost every day.  It is so evident that God orchestrated the exact details and I'm so very grateful!

We can already see a difference in Micah after just one week.  We thought we might just be dreaming that but after just an hour in the nursery Wednesday night, Donna said "Wow, big changes in Micah already.  He is even advocating for himself!"  I'm excited for him.  This school is incredible and it has the added bonus of teaching him about Jesus.  I love that he is learning educationally and more about Jesus.  Such a perfect combination for this age! 

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