Friday, January 18, 2013

"We all have dreams!"

I just picked Jonah up from school and I walked in the door giggling.  This was our conversation on the way home.

Me:  Hey, buddy!  How was your day?

Jonah:  It was GREAT!  Really, really great!

Me:  What made it so great?

Jonah:  Well, we learned about Martin Luther King.  I really, really liked learning about him.

Me:  What did you learn?

Jonah:  Well, he had a dream.  

Me:  What was it about?

Jonah, It was a dream about one day everyone would be equal.  Equaling is all he wanted and that was his dream.  We all have dreams but no one really talks about them.  Everyone is talking about Martin Luther King's dream, though.  And, it made me think of (at this point, he bursts into song) "America, America!" 

Me:  What is that song?  Did you learn it at school?

Jonah:  No, it is from The American Adventure at Epcot.  (Singing begins again)

Me:  That's great, buddy!  

Jonah:  Will you keep my Social Studies paper about Martin Luther King?  I want to know a lot about him.  I want to know more about his dreams.  I wish I could tell him some of my dreams too!  Actually, I want to tell a lot of people about my dreams.  I'm going to read a book first though.  I think Daddy got me one about mythology.  I'll read that before B and MeMaw fly in on the airplane then I will tell them about my dreams when they get here.  And, about Martin Luther King.  I have a lot to tell them.


Calley said...

Hahahahah!! So funny!!

Penny said...

He cracks me up! Did he tell the Welches his dreams yet and enlighten them? :)


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