Thursday, January 17, 2013


One of the hardest parts of moving to a new church is leaving behind the people you love.  Yes, you always find new people to love but a piece of your heart always stays behind.  We have served in 5 churches together and in each of those places, God gave us people that became our family.  And, I mean that in the truest and most sincere form of that word.  I once had a staff wife tell me that she gets "unnerved" every time someone calls a church member "family!"  She said, "they are NOT family, they are church members!  My children WILL NOT refer to them as family, aunts, uncles, etc!"  My response to that was "YOUR LOSS!"  Truly, her loss!

You see, some of THE most precious relationships my children have are with church members.  We have never lived near our family.  But, we have lived near church members who act like family.  We've lived next door to them.  We've lived across the street from them.  We've lived in the same town as them.  And, our lives are so rich because of those people!  

Some of those people fly in tomorrow.  We are all pretty excited around here.  Tim and Belinda (or MeMaw and B) are making their first trip to our house.  Jonah is beside himself with excitement.  They were our neighbors on N. Oak Street.  We spent more time at their house than any other house during our 7 years in Vidalia.  We had more meals there than I could even begin to count.  Jonah ate  crackers and bananas while watching the Grinch...OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  We had football parties, New Years parties, birthday parties and tons of fellowships there.  

I kind of feel obligated to make really good food while they are here since she always fed us so well.  So, I'm off to do a little grocery shopping and to pick up a brisket (Moment of silence for the briskets that lost their lives in the Great Freezer Loss of 2013!) for dinner tomorrow night.  Stay tuned for pics of Jonah with some of his favorite people!

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Penny said...

I have three families. The one I had no choice about, but would not change...much. Lol My church family that I see more than my adult children and my own grandkids. And my "work/school" family that I spend seven+ hours a day with. A "family" can be anyone or group you share life with. We bear one another's burdens, celebrate victories, and genuinely love and care for each other. Precious and priceless are friends that become family. Your friend's children and your friend are all missing out.


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