Friday, January 11, 2013


Since I'm on my second kid, I feel like I have a little wisdom in the parenting arena.  Jonah was kind of like on the job training, but with Micah, I feel a little more in the game.  It's like I almost know what is coming.  I'm no expert, by any means, but I just feel prepared.  For instance, when Jonah became mobile, it rocked our worlds.  ROCKED. OUR. WORLDS.  That new thing of constantly being up and after him was a wild ride.  So, when Micah was a baby, I prolonged him rolling over and crawling as long as possible.  I knew once that happened that I would need my running shoes on at all times.  

With Jonah, I practiced walking with him from the time he could hold his head up.  With Micah, I shielded his eyes from other kids his age who walked.  I played with him on the floor so he would have no desire to try to take off on his own.  I wanted non-mobility as long as possible.   He didn't officially start walking until a few weeks after he turned one.  FINE. BY. ME. 

Just yesterday, I realized that we are completely past the "into everything" stage with Micah and we survived it again.  I can leave the room for long periods of time and not worry about what he is into.  He no longer presses every button on the TV/Wii/DVD.  He sits for extended periods of time and just looks at books.  One day this week, I cleaned the entire back of the house while he sat in the living room floor and played with toys and read books.  I kept peeking my head around the corner and he never really left his spot.  For almost 2 hours!

Then, on another day this week, I woke up feeling pretty rotten.  I was hurting from my surgery (which only happens when I have super long and busy days) and needed to be flat for a while.  After I fed him breakfast, I asked him to get some books and come to my bed.  He found several favorites, the Ipad and a couple of toys then headed to bed with me.  We stayed in my bed for about three hours that morning.  It was a sweet time.  

I realized tonight that I love this age.  Yes, he is two!  Yes, I'm sure we are about to have many rough days.  But, right now, these days are super sweet.  He, for the most part, is such a thankful little guy.  He most always says "thank you" for everything you hand him.  He freely gives hugs.  He adores his brother.  He is a FULL-ON mommy's boy.  He is fun to play with.  He loves to run and jump.  He understands direction and correction.  He loves to sit and read.  He's just at a fun age.

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Penny said...

Two to five has always been my favorite age. :)


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