Friday, January 4, 2013

Our first date of 2013

Today was date day.  And, by day, I mean ALL DAY!  Earlier this week, a friend from church called and asked if she could have the boys for the entire day.  She told me to text her when they woke up.  So, around 9, I sent her the text and she was here within 30 minutes or so.  Her text back to me said "Don't fix them breakfast.  I'm making pancakes!"  SCORE!

We started our day off by doing the most romantic things.  We ran errands.  We went to the bank, the post office, Florida Hospital resale shop to donate things and Hobby Lobby.  We were done with all of that by about 11:30.  We had a gift card to Olive Garden so we stopped there for lunch.  Then the crazy part of our day started.  We went to movies.  Yes, plural...MOVIES!

If you know much about me, I don't commit to movies often.  The thought of sitting for hours and staring at screen doesn't appeal to me.  I have to really want to see something to commit to a movie.  Add the theater to that and I REALLY have to want to see it.  But, we had four passes at the theater in Port Orange.  The manager gave them to us last month when we went in for our 12 Gifts Tour Refund that the church was supposed to see but got cancelled.  He handed us the passes and thanked us for choosing their theater even though the Movie event was cancelled. 

So, I kind of half-heartedly said "We could see TWO movies today!"  Dan took that and ran with it.  We finished lunch at The Olive Garden and got to the theater just in time for the 1:00 showing of Les Miserables.  As we made it to our seats, we had to step over this lady with her legs up on the seat in front of her.  As we passed, she said "Just having to get comfortable for this 3 hour movie!"  I looked at Dan with WIDE EYES!  3 hours??!?!?!?!  The girl who doesn't like movies just sat down in a theater for a 3 hour movie?  Oh my!  And, seriously, with the previews, we were in there FOR THREE HOURS!  Just to be sure they were telling me truth, I googled it.  Yep, 157 minutes Running Time!

The movie was great.  Long, but great.  We have seen about ten Broadway shows but neither of us have see this or really knew anything about it.  I wish we would have known about it before seeing it because I think we would have enjoyed it even more.  We want to see it if it ever tours close to us.  By the time it ended, I was ready to be done with movies.  As we walked out, Dan said "So, Lincoln?"  Say Whaaaa?  I told him I didn't think I was up for another movie.  So, we left.  But, I could tell he was disappointed.  We ran to Target to do a quick return and as we walked to the car, he said "We could still make Lincoln!"  I knew he really wanted to go, so we did.

Who knew that movie was almost as long as Les Mis?!?!  Seriously, it was 150 minutes of Running Time.  How did I pick the two longest movies out there?  All I needed was to see The Hobbit for the Trifecta of long movies today.  And, trust me, Dan would have totally been into that.  Fortunately, we ran out of free passes and we needed to relieve our friend since she had been with the kids all day long.  

It was a good day.  It was nice to do something that Dan enjoys so much.  It was nice to spend an entire day with him.  It was a good start to our desire to spend more time alone together this year.  We are very fortunate to really like each other.  We like to spend time together.  He treasures me.  I respect him.  It takes work.  I want to be a good mom but I really want to be a good wife.  So many studies have proven that kids with parents who love and respect each other get more security from that than any thing you can do for them.  I want my boys to grow up in a home where they see their mom truly respect their dad.  I want them to grow up knowing how to sacrificially love their wife and family because they have seen Dan do it.  

I remember hearing about a couple that got divorced and it really shook me to my core.  I was surprised.  I was sad.  I could not believe it.  I asked Dan "How do you go from your wedding day of such happiness and bliss to divorce?  How does that happen?"  I'll never forget what he said.  He said "one day, he quit opening her door!"  You see, you don't go from sheer happiness to being miserable overnight.  That takes work too!  It takes work of choosing to stop opening her door, or to stop making his favorite meal because it is too much work, stop holding her hand, stop ironing his clothes, stop fixing his drink, stop sending her get the point!  

I don't want to stop.  I want to start.  I want a good, God-honoring, loving and LONG marriage.  I'm committed to make it work.  I'm committed to dating my husband.  Today was a great start!!  All 6 hours of theater time!!!

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Penny said...

Glad you had a great date day. Your friend was so sweet to offer to keep your boys. :) Yes, divorce is sad! This year, I've comforted a friend whose husband of 25 years had an affair and almost lost his marriage. It's been a long road to healing and they're traveling it daily. My sister's husband of 23 years left her this fall. He had turned his back on his church, God, and eventually his family! Satan is alive and well and set on destroying God's church. Sometimes, it's satan's door we are opening. :(
I'm also divorced. At eighteen, I married someone I had not known very long and had a baby right out of the gate. He turned out to be abusive~ not just to me, but our children. I left. It was hard to walk away, even from abuse. I never wanted to get divorced. But I am thankful daily that I have a good one now and we've been married 22 years. I've seen what marriage is and what it shouldn't be. I wish everyone waited for the right one - the one God has for them. But sometimes young, foolish people (like me) rush into mistakes. :(


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