Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MeMaw and B come to Florida!

The best part of moving away from friends is having those friends come visit.  Tim and Belinda are some of our favorite people in Vidalia.  They were our next door neighbor.  They kept our dog when we were out of town.  We ate many meals at their house.  We went to their house the night we found out we were pregnant with Jonah.  You can read that post here.  We have so many wonderful memories that involve their family.  So, we were ALL excited to have them here.  

And, just as a reminder, they are known to us as MeMaw and B.  Tim, yes the man, is MeMaw.  When Jonah was just a toddler, he walked up to Tim one Wednesday night in the sanctuary and in a whole group of people, he said "Hi MeMaw!"  We all laughed.  And, it stuck.  From the point forward, Tim was MeMaw.  He was convinced I perpetuated it, but I didn't.  It was all Jonah.  Pretty soon, he was MeMaw to lots of people.  That is all anyone calls him when Jonah is around.  He has embraced it.  I love that he loves Jonah enough to just go with it.  Although, Micah now calls him Maw-Maw so I'm not sure he is gonna go with that.  HA.  And, B is just short for Belinda.  Her niece and nephew call her that and Jonah just picked up on it.  

Anyway, back to their visit.  They came in on Friday night and after dinner, we pulled the games out.  It was so much fun to play games with them and the kids.  Micah played for a little bit then we entertained him with the iPad.  He went back and forth between games and the iPad. 

When we got up Saturday morning,we had some serious fun and giggles.  The boys jumped in the bounce house for a while.  B joined them in there.  They thought that was awesome!  The giggles certainly continued!

They moved from the bounce house to sword fights.  (And tons of other fun things in between!)

After lunch, the boys went to an afternoon with friends while we headed to Disney's Wide World of Sports with Tim and Belinda so we could see Taylor and The Louisiana Tech Cheerleaders compete in the National Finals.  It was so fun (and incredibly nerve-racking) to see the competition.  We got to Disney early enough to do the Monorail tour of the different resorts. 

We were happy to have MeMaw and B at church with us Sunday morning.  Dan had a meeting after church but the rest of us went to Daytona to have lunch at Five Guys then to show them Daytona Speedway and the Atlantic Ocean. 

 During lunch, they asked Jonah if he would like to go with them to see Taylor compete that night.  He could hardly contain his excitement.  We got home in just enough time for them to change clothes and head out.  He was so, so, so excited about spending time with just them.  He was sure to tell me that I was not invited. 

Micah quickly discovered that he wasn't going.  He was not thrilled with this plan. 

They got back late Sunday night but that was okay because Jonah didn't have school the next day.  While I was making the world's best blueberry muffins, I looked up to see these two dressed alike.  That Jonah ADORES MeMaw.  I had to laugh because I remembered the time he and Dan dressed alike

When I said something to Jonah about getting dressed because they were about to head to the airport, he went to his room but rather than getting dressed, he got in bed because he was sad.  :-(  Micah joined him...not because he was sad, just because he wants to be like his brother. 

After convincing Jonah to get dressed so we could go to lunch before they went back to the airport, we went in the backyard to play for a few minutes. 

The boys all played hide and seek.  Check out Tim's hiding spot.  HA!

We introduced them to Chipotle before they went home.  I dreaded saying goodbye because I knew Jonah was going to have a hard, hard time.  We spent a week talking to him before they arrived about saying goodbye.  We told him that it is hard for people to leave when he cries like that.  We talked about it the whole time they were here.  So, we took a picture, said goodbyes and walked to our cars.

He said "Later, Gator!"  He crawled into our car and NEVER. SHED. A. TEAR!  I was SO proud.  SO, SO proud!  He just loves his special people so much.  It kills him to say goodbye because he knows he won't see friends again soon.  But, he is getting better so that is hopeful.   And, since I'm bragging on him, I won't mention that he had a total meltdown and bedtime and said such sad things over the next week about how much he loved and missed them.  Oh well, at least the meltdown didn't happen while they were here.  We LOVED having them here.  It just made us miss them all the more!

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